Archaeologists reported that found in 2019 in the town of Torun in Northern Poland strange objects proved to be a huge oval ditches that had one center and form a United image, well visible from the height of bird flight.

About the opening of talks Nauka w Polsce. Two mysterious object was discovered by doctors Mateusz Sosnowski and Jerzy Monk during the analysis of data from Google Maps and Google Earth. In this way the detection of traces of human activity are now used by many archaeologists.

this year, the researchers conducted field work. The age of objects found is around 7,000 years. Nothing like that in this area Poland has not previously been found, however, such concentric structures exist in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany.

They represent a system of three oval ditches with one center. At the same time with two opposite sides of these ditches has a gap, that is, they are not entirely looped. If you look at them from above, they resemble a pot.

the Purpose of these objects is still not reliably established. It is generally accepted the hypothesis that it was of worship, although exactly how they were used by people, too, is unclear.

However, it is clear that the construction of these objects had expended a lot of effort. The width of the trenches is three feet, and a depth of two meters. To dig required a joint effort of dozens of people, which at that time was difficult, because the population was small.

the Researchers suggest that the ditches that people dug with bone tools. Today, these facilities are located in agricultural fields. See their outlines only with height.

the researchers found that both you and the object are not only of identical form but of the same dimensions. The diameter of the largest ring is about 85 meters. The objects themselves located five kilometers from each other.

another Interesting fact is that the ditches had V-shaped cross-section. On their day, archaeologists discovered the remains of charcoal that was sent to the lab for radiocarbon Dating.

this coal gave scientists the idea that near concentric structures in prehistoric times could stand iconic wooden buildings that burned down. According to another version, the ditches could be surrounded by a palisade.

“It was a huge investment for such remote times, about 7,000 years ago, says Mateusz Sosnowski from Nicolaus Copernicus University in toruń. – They require the efforts of dozens of people. For digging were probably used tools made of bone or horn. Work them a few thousand years ago was not easy, because the soil was heavy loam. Even the excavation was not easy, although we end��, are better equipped than the ancient builders”.