The redevelopment of the building in the center of Moscow, where the cult Simachev Bar, will Realty4Sale, which on the market associated with the brother of the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin. The on-site bar is likely to be a complex of boutiques and restaurants. The company purchased the facility in the midst of a crisis, but considers that it does not hurt to implement the project.Development project in Stoleshnikov lane in place closed in 2019 Simachev Bar will implement Realty4Sale (R4S) — one of the largest operators objects street retail in Moscow, said three sources of “Kommersant” in the real estate market. Officially, this information is confirmed according to EGRUL in June 2020 by the owners of omega, OOO, the balance of which is in a former bar, steel Andrew Matalyga (98%) and owned by the offshore company “Circle limited” (2%).Andrew Matalyga associated with Sergei Meadowy, the main owner of Realty4Sale. This is Mr. Meadow said in an interview with “Vedomosti” in 2017. Then the newspaper’s sources called a financial partner of businessman Artema Dyumin — brother of the Governor of Tula region Alexey Dyumin. Among other joint projects of the masters of Mamalygi and Nefedova the restoration of the house of the merchant Bulochnikova on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, the creation of apartments on the site of the former estate of Anne of nekludovo on Malaya Bronnaya. Among the latest deals R4S — purchase of the former building of maternity hospital the Grauerman name on Novy Arbat, where in June opened a large McDonald’s restaurant.They added that the deal was closed in the midst of crisis. However, the company does not see this as a problem. “We consider the current market situation as a temporary phenomenon,”— says commercial Director of R4S Irina Burenko.The previous owner of the building, where was Simachev Bar, the market is Anatoly Yakubov, it is associated with the founder of defunct casino “Crown” by Yakov Kalugin Yakubova. The latter was one of the biggest players on the market of the Moscow street retail. According to “Kommersant” in 2015, the structure was owned by 10-12 thousand sq m of retail space on Tverskaya street. Contact Anatoliy Yakubova failed.invested in commercial property in Russia in January—June 2020, according to Colliers InternationalНовый the owner of the object, according to the appeared two weeks ago in social networks informal renderam, plans to create on-site two-storey townhouse four-storey complex with boutiques and restaurants. However, the project is not yet approved by the Moscow authorities, you know two of the interlocutor “b” in the real estate market. Partner ILM Andrey Lukashev notes that a possible meaning of the transaction was to increase the area of the object from the R4S may be enough resources to coordinate a project like this. Despite the lower rates in the centre of Moscow is 20%, the cost of rent in the new project may be close to 100 thousand ru��. per 1 sq m per year, he predicts. The developer may, after redevelopment to sell part of the space. “This R4S practicing often,” said Mr. Lukashev.He estimates the cost of the transaction 700 thousand— 1 million rubles. for 1 sq. m. Given the location in the new building area will occupy a luxury fashion retailer, assumes Andrey Lukashev. The premium segment is not so strongly exposed to economic turbulence, and therefore, the consequences COVID-19 will affect such tenants is not strong, adds Stanislav Bibik.According to Colliers International, the vacancy rate for premises street retail on Stoleshnikov pereulok, which also features Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo is 4% is the minimum value over the past five years. Other main streets feel worse reported recently, JLL: at the end of the first half, vacancy rates, for example, or on Pokrovka Myasnitskaya street reached 11.5%. The last time the figure was higher only in 2016, when not employed was 13% of the premises.Elizaveta Makarova Yana Christmas