it all began in September 1833, when the distance shown to the poet of the Pugachev places of Orenburg region. In gratitude, Pushkin sent him in 1835 a gift copy of his “History of Pugachev”. They’ve met in St. Petersburg, Pushkin was keenly interested in linguistic research other. But in 1837 the distance, as a doctor, participated in the treatment of mortally wounded poet, kept a diary of the disease. He, unfortunately, wrote the Protocol of the autopsy of Pushkin.

it was Vladimir Dahl Orenburg is destiny. At the invitation of the legendary Governor of Orenburg Vasily Perovsky he came to this city on the edge of the Russian Empire, where he served as an officer for special assignments. Here he started a family, here I began to collect material for the work of his life – the famous dictionary.

for many years the place where Dali lived, was considered the area in the center of the city, near a centuries-old oak – the big rarity for Prairie city-fortress. But a longtime researcher of the Orenburg period of life Dahl Professor Galina Matviyevskaya found archival documents indicating that Vladimir Dal bought a house and decorated it for his mother Uliana Christoforovna. About it Vladimir Ivanovich wrote to his sister Pauline. For a long time historians were not clear in what house the family lived in the 1840-ies. While the local historian Elizabeth Bartosova not found in the Orenburg archive “Plan of the first part of the third quarter” – a few land on Preobrazhenskaya street (now St. March 8) adjacent to the Artillery square (now the Presidential cadet Academy). One of the houses was identified as belonging to Uliana Christoforovna. How symbolic that now the house №42 along the street Pushkin!

the Orenburg society of historians and ethnographers together with the Orenburg branch of the Russian Geographical Society and Orenburg charity Fund “Eurasia” has addressed to city authorities with the initiative to mark this memorable place. And here 6 June, the 221st birthday of the great poet’s memorial plaque was inaugurated. Its author Fyodor Ablanin used engraving the honored artist of Russia Andrey Presnov, where Vladimir Dahl still very young.

fundraising for Board fabrication “whole world” in the shortest time staged Orenburg branch of all-Russian society of protection of monuments of history and culture, led by Faith Zhidkova. They insist on the speedy inclusion of the unique homes in the register of monuments. For it stand up and the occupants trying as much as possible to save and restore the spirit of the time in the walls and the courtyard of his home in an ancient glacier, alas, spilled from dilapidated gazebo over the old crypt became the resting place of his beloved wife of Vladimir Dahl Julia.