“Specialists of the urban center treated with disinfectants more than 300 million square meters of various areas, including all roads, sidewalks, Parking lots and yards – said Pyotr Biryukov. – Used only the tools recommended by the CPS, they are safe for people and animals”.

the Deputy Mayor said that the conduct of today’s large-scale disinfection was involved about 70 thousand specialists were used more than 4.5 thousand watering machines and about 10 thousand hand-sprayers, which were processed by a small area where we couldn’t drive technology.

“for four hours was spent by a continuous treatment with disinfectants all asphalt and tile surfaces of all roads, sidewalks, Parking lots, yards and interquarter drives – said Pyotr Biryukov. Special attention was paid to disinfection of the territories of medical institutions, areas in front of the metro station entrance and building entrances stations, transport hubs and public transport”.

Besides, according to him, was thoroughly disinfected public toilets, areas of MFC, water treatment plant drinking water and sewage treatment plants, facilities for the waste management.

the Head of the urban center stressed that all employees who conduct disinfection, strictly observe the rules of personal safety, use protective clothing, rubber boots and gloves, goggles and respirators.

the Deputy Mayor recalled that the city’s daily bactericidal treatment of all dwelling houses, more than 650 underground and overground pedestrian crossings, and container platforms for garbage collection.