anti-Epidemiological activities with the management of the zoo were discussed by the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot.

From the first days of introduction in the region of high alert for coronavirus municipal enterprise “the Zoological Park. R. A. awl” was closed to the public. This seriously affected its financial position.

the Zoo is always provided himself. Animal food, staff salaries, utilities – all paid off at the expense of visitors. The failure of coronavirus has hit the budget of the zoo. Monthly expenses now amount to about 31 million rubles. – The best solution is to open a zoo, otherwise we risk losing him – commented on the decision to open MUP mayor Anatoly Elbow. – I was convinced that the zoo is ready to receive visitors in accordance with the requirements of the CPS. In the near future at regional headquarters, I put the question about the opening of the zoo and hope for a positive solution.

the mayor stressed that the management of the institution has developed a number of rules for visitors. The tickets will be sold only in electronic form, it will allow to regulate the flow of visitors and to keep a distance between people. Another prerequisite – mask mode. This is necessary not only to human security but also to protect the animals.

According to the zoo Director Andrew Shiloh, before the pandemic zoo day was attended by about five thousand people, now this figure is one and a half times less – about three thousand.

– Run people will be parties on the basis that one hectare can cater for up to 50 people. At the entrance there are installed sensors that determine how much a person is on site. In addition, we plan to limit the sale of tickets in places where people will pay a markup for a boundary. Every two hours will be processing benches, trash receptacles, handrails. For monitoring compliance with mask mode will increase the number of guards, also volunteers will be involved, – said Andrey Shilo.

help “RG”

In the first quarter of 2020 in support of the zoo from the city budget allocated five million rubles, another 27.5 million – the regional budget. Not left out various businesses who helped in the purchase of exotic fruits and vegetables, as well as residents. So, on the website of the charitable Foundation received more than five thousand messages from concerned citizens.