the Start of construction was given in 2018. This is the last open land Eltsovka-1 on the segment between the Red prospectus and street Narymsky. The collector will connect the already closed sections of the river. Progress was discussed at the exit meeting held by the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot.

– Bank of Eltsovka-1 is the last undeveloped plot in the area. Recently, the river began to pose a serious challenge: during heavy rains, thawing of snow the water level rises and washes away the coast on which are apartment buildings, explained the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot need the manifold gasket.

Experts have also noticed that a few years ago, clogged with debris, the river almost became the reason of emergency. Then, because of the high water level there was a threat of flooding a number of objects. They include residential houses, a kindergarten, shopping centers. In addition, the ravine through which the river flows, constantly flaking.

According to the press center of city hall, the designer of the facility and the contractor acts MUP “management of the customer of construction of underground transport constructions”. But in the implementation of the project involved and a private investor.

– We entered into an agreement, under which 70 million rubles gives the investor, a further 70 million rubles – the city – said the mayor.

In the Novosibirsk city administration believe that the commissioning of the reservoir will open new opportunities for landscaping, planting and further development of the adjacent neighborhood. It is planned to build apartment houses and social objects. Also reserved for school in a thousand places, which is very important to the developing neighborhood. The rest of the territory is supposed to equip the Park.

According to the plan of development of adjacent area for homes located on the right Bank of Eltsovka-1, will be demolished. This is slightly more than a dozen buildings.

In late June, the office of the customer of construction of underground transport facilities will complete the arrangement of the reservoir and spillway sewer cameras. Then the platform will give the developer – the company “Siberia development”, – concluded the mayor.