Scheduled repayment by the government of Belarus and the National Bank of external and internal obligations in foreign currency was reflected last month on the gold and currency reserves of the country, confirmed to the financial regulator RB. In may they decreased by $3.7 million (0.05%), after rising in April by $96.4 million (1.2%).

At the same time, the international reserve assets of Belarus on 1 June, according to preliminary data, amounted to $7 879,3 million (equivalent). The National Bank explained that to maintain the level of foreign exchange reserves in may has contributed to the purchase of foreign currency at auction of JSC “Belarusian currency and stock exchange” foreign exchange earnings in the budget, including from the sale by the Ministry of Finance bonds denominated in foreign currency and the rising cost of monetary gold.

According to the basic directions monetary-the credit policy the volume of international reserve assets by January 1, 2021 shall be at least $7.3 billion.

by the Way, the financial regulator has noticed that the residents of the Republic for the past five months, bought currency at the $580,5 million more than sold. Individuals bought cash and non-cash exchange of $3 billion 927,9 million, and sold $3 billion 347,4 million

as for entities, the resident RB bought in the same period foreign exchange of $9 billion 208 million equivalent, by selling $8 billion 452,4 million While non-residents bought the currency to $130.1 million equivalent, sold – $355,3 million, said the national Bank.