When there are some disasters, time pressed: it seems that an eternity had passed since the announcement of Governor YANAO Vladimir Artuhova on introduction of high alert mode sending students on vacation, the cancellation of mass events, the recommendations of the doctors to refrain from going on vacation, and those who work in oil and gas fields, not to return home at the end of the watch, to continue it to avoid spreading the infection changers from other regions. But it happened relatively recently – on March 16.

Then it became clear that the classical face-to-face forms of parliamentary activity have yet to give. Meanwhile, the approach has been a solid package of draft laws that were prepared in advance, and those that were written on an emergency basis, in order to be ahead of the game in the long duel with the coronavirus. The key points were discussed at the meetings of the committees of the Legislative Assembly YANAO with representatives of the Executive authorities. And a week later, after entering the mode of increased readiness through video-conferencing the Council of the legislative Assembly approved a list of more than three dozen questions submitted for the next, but an unusual meeting.

it took Place on March 26, also via videoconference. In order not to deprive the residents the opportunity to watch online during the voting process, debates in Parliament, was broadcast in social networks. It is worth Recalling some of the then accepted laws. One of them strongly supported an extensive and powerful structure for regional support for families with children: it was agreed to pay 150 thousand rubles for the second child, born or adopted in the current year. A number of laws aimed at minimizing losses during the period of the pandemic of subjects of small and medium business through the reduction to the minimum threshold tax rates. Looking ahead, we emphasize: in April and may in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district was adopted two big packages to support entrepreneurs, employers, employees, the cost of which is estimated in billions of rubles, and a set of applied tools is recognized as one of the most successful in Russia.

– the Active use of different communication mechanisms for remote communications allowed us to provide continuous and productive legislative process taking into account the existing realities and in the interests of citizens. In terms of hard epidemiological limitations of telephone and video conferencing, Skype, instant messengers, diverse resources of the Internet, various digital devices give, as we have seen, a lot of opportunities. The maximum used form of absentee voting, my colleagues are receiving votes in remote communication, I myself advise in the pages of personal accounts in socialof covered networks, – says the Chairman of Legislative Assembly of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district Sergey Lamkin.

According to him, the regional Parliament has proved its ability to work in crisis circumstances in a timely manner to take the most important for the Northern territory laws, to fulfill the head of state tasks. These laws are of a pronounced social character, aimed at strengthening financial and economic stability.

on may 7, speaking at a meeting of the Council of heads of representative bodies of state power of subjects of the Urals Federal district, Sergei Lamkin said:

We, as they say, keep abreast of regulatory acts adopted on the basis of daily monitoring, which enables us to provide quality support to the residents who are in difficult life situation. Significant budget funds go to additional social assistance to veterans, families with children, the disabled, doctors, teachers, indigenous northerners, leading a nomadic life. The legislative Assembly runs smoothly, efficiently, constructively, in close conjunction with the Governor, subdivisions of governments.

one Illustration of the latter, held in late may, a meeting of the legislative Assembly. It examines the bills introduced in almost all subjects of legislative initiative: deputies, the Governor, government autonomy, state’s attorney, election Commission of the Autonomous area. And here’s another thing that draws the attention of online channels does not today have become for many residents a natural and practical way of contact with the deputies. Reporting to colleagues and the public about the work of parliamentary enclosure in the previous year, Sergei Lamkin gave eloquent figures: in 2019 of 1420 received calls from countrymen (which, incidentally, is significantly higher than in the previous year) and nearly 30 percent of them used for communication Deputy online reception, posted on the official website of the Legislative Assembly. “The citizens have a significant influence on the formation of the legislative agenda,” stressed the speaker.

last year, a multiple increase in the number considered and supported by the legislative Assembly YANAO initiatives of representative bodies of other regions. Reviewed more than 100 projects of Federal laws, supported by 97. In a disturbing and intense spring months, the district Parliament did not interrupt the inter-parliamentary cooperation was initiated by introducing vital amendments to Russian legislation.

Supported by, for example, two applications of the Legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Krai in the Russian government. One of them is to increase the cost of birth certificates from 3 to 6 thousand rubles. Additional funds are needed to preventI complications from gestational diabetes, which is now diagnosed in every sixth pregnant woman. In turn, the residents on the eve of International children’s day was sent to the state Duma a bill, supported by 29 representative bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation on granting to large families raising minor children, the right to choose vacation time at their discretion. The bill proposes to adjust the order of priority of granting annual paid leave, giving priority to parents, younger children who have not reached 14 years of age.