MOSCOW, may 2 – RIA Novosti. Residents of Moscow and Moscow region expects a “beautiful day”, the air warms up to plus 17, no precipitations, reported RIA Novosti, the leading specialist center weather “Phobos” Eugene Tiscover.

“Today, the SYNOPTIC situation in the capital region Obukhovets South-Western periphery of an anticyclone thanks to which Muscovites and inhabitants of Moscow suburbs waits on a fine may day, the warming will increase, and the temperature background will finally return to its climate direction,” – said Tiscover

the Weatherman said that on Saturday in Moscow, partly cloudy, no precipitation. Temperature in the capital plus 15-17 in the suburbs plus 13-18.

“the Wind is South-East three to eight meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will change a little and will amount to 747 millimeters of mercury,” – said the forecaster.