MOSCOW, 28 APR – RIA Novosti. Restrictive measures in the Republic of Karelia, introduced due to the spread of coronavirus infection, extended to may 11, the corresponding order on Tuesday, was signed by the head of the region Artur Parfenchikov.

According to April 29, in the region identified 66 people with the coronavirus, 10 recovered.

“the Situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the Republic does not allow us to remove the regime of high alert. We extended it until may 11. Today signed a relevant order”, – Parfenchikov has written on his page in Instagram.

Before the specified date in the Republic will not work trade organization, with the exception of pharmacies, grocery stores, and shops with essential commodities and petrol stations. Also extended the ban on the activities of restaurants and cafes, and other tourist facilities, beauty salons, hairdressers, baths.

Relief was introduced only in five “clean” regions of Karelia, Pudozh, Suojarvi, Muezersky, Kalevalsky and the white sea. The job of these objects is permitted subject to compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

Public transport will run until may 10 inclusive.

“it is very important to avoid expansion of morbidity, to stay on the level that we were able to keep due to the fact that the majority of inhabitants of Karelia behave responsibly. Focusing now faster we can move to a gradual return to the usual rhythm of life,” said the Governor.

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