In Finland, despite the softness of quarantine measures, coronavirus took control. The country’s low mortality from kovida, at the time of the epidemic died there only 270 people with a confirmed diagnosis.

“MK” asked the journalist Maria Smirnova who for five years lived in Finland, as it was possible to contain an infectious infection.

– Maria in Finland because there was a strong outbreak?

– we still in mid-March began to impose restrictions: closed borders, schools. By the end of the month stopped working restaurants. The infection spread slowly. So far managed to smooth out the curve, but what will happen, nobody knows. Here are regularly held surveys about the trust of the people to the government. About 80 percent of the population believes that everything is done correctly.

– Perhaps it is also the mentality of the Finns, who are restrained in showing emotions. You do not rush to each other with hugs and kisses?

Is true. Finns are not prone to physical contact. Offer to sit at home, they are not perceived as something extraordinary, because here love to spend time in family circle. Plus, the Finns are law-abiding. While all this time there was no restrictions on trips or on shopping trips, but encouraged to stay at home, the Finns immediately hid for “mink”. If the weekend was still possible to find people in the parks, the weekdays in the centre of Helsinki life came to a standstill. And it looked depressed.

what now?

– just a week ago the government said that the situation is under control, and at this stage, some limitations can be removed. And once in the shops and the streets became crowded. It was very noticeable.

– whether You want to take a test for coronavirus?

Just desire not. About a month ago I received a letter from the clinic where I observed and was told that I can take the test for the coronavirus only in the case of some symptoms, which I have on the phone should inform the doctor. And he, if deemed necessary, would send me for testing. It cost about 300 Euro.

– is the real picture of contamination from the statistics?

– for Cases, as in other countries, 10 times more. First, in Finland, a huge number of asymptomatic carriers, which, of course, do not go to doctors. Here there are no traditions to constantly go to doctors and lie down in a hospital. If you’re sick, drink ibuprofen or paracetamol for a week or two. Does not help – then go to the doctor. In my environment there are a few people who in mid-March was sick with something, the symptoms resembling kovid, but none of them were not included in the statistics, although some went to doctors. He said: “the symptoms of et�� probably the most, go home in a two-week quarantine!” Mortality was very low, but then it turned out that in the statistics for some time did not account for nursing homes, many of which are private institutions. When people protested this fact, the data began to make statistics, and the number of deaths rose by 80 people. From February to now 270 people died.

When will the schools and universities?

Universities and colleges are working in a remote format. This week, the children go to school, but before the end of the school year remains only two weeks. At a press conference the government was asked the question: does it make sense to send children to two weeks? The Prime Minister said that every day is important at school, because teachers need to see what happened with the children while they sat at home. Maybe someone was abused, and someone behind a program in September that will require additional effort to improve it.

What restrictions still apply?

– While it is forbidden to assemble in groups of more than 10 people, but since the beginning of June that number will expand to 50 people. Restaurants, reading rooms, theatres, museums are closed. Libraries work only on delivery of books.

– And what about entry?

– the Borders will be closed until mid-June. The biggest problem existed with Estonia, because we have traditionally been very much Estonian seasonal workers. Just this week they were allowed entry.

– In Sweden the situation is, to put it mildly, not very prosperous. The Finns are probably watching what happens with the neighbors?

– of Course. Between these countries there is a long-standing rivalry. In the Finnish media is trying in a sense to make it so that Sweden is a disaster, and we – no. But I agree with the main Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell that in Scandinavia in the end, when you start to count your chickens before they hatch, will be about the same mortality. In Sweden it is happening now, and in Denmark, Norway and Finland, which had introduced more stringent restrictions, while just stretched for time.