the Scientists of the Crimean Federal University by means of a laser scanner has begun a 3D survey of the cave “Tavrida” to save in a digital format to its original settings. This was reported by the press service of the Kazan Federal University.

used For filming 3D geoscanner BLK-360. After the installation of the device at the specified location and starts the scan, which lasts three minutes. During this time, the laser captures about a million points on the inner surfaces of the cave, then from the point cloud to form a three-dimensional model of the object.

– the Maximum range of the laser 3D-scanner on a flat, open area of 60 meters, but the cave Tavrida complex topography and labyrinth structure, so we are forced to remove every 60 centimeters, and then edit the pictures manually, – explained the “RG” the senior teacher of chair of physical geography and geomorphology faculty of geography of the Crimean Federal University Gennady Samokhin. Is a long and complex work, because the information from each survey point “weighs” about one Gigabyte. Downloading to your computer and processing such a huge dataset requires a lot of time.

In the scan are occupied by three to five people. Work is proceeding under difficult conditions of limited space, lack of oxygen and light. To achieve the necessary level of illumination possible through the use of a battery and the connected led strips, which give a soft diffused light. This enables parallel conduct and a panoramic image to create a full 3D picture of the underground galleries.

– the 3D model will retain its original natural appearance of the cave before its reconstruction, told Samokhin. – Then it will be separately made the 3D model for the excursion part of the cave so we could compare what she was like before and after her equipment for excursions.

Yet scientists shot for about 10 percent of the already discovered underground galleries. On creating three-dimensional models of all the public mazes will take about another month.

Recall, last week, scientists reported the discovery in a cave 400 meters of underground galleries. And the total length of the explored part of the “Tavrida” has reached 1700-1800 meters. On the basis of the cave “Tavrida”, open in the summer of 2018, is scheduled to open scientific and recreational complex. Already prepared project documentation.