according to scientists of Kazan Federal University, now a lot of fresh water goes to sea, literally through the earth. And the numbers are quite comparable to those that accumulated in the reservoirs the natural flow. It is up to 300-400 million cubic meters of water per year.

– part of the water falling on the slopes of the Crimean mountains, in cracks and faults in the karst channels through the limestone falls below sea level, – has told the senior lecturer of the Department of earth Sciences and geomorphology, geographical faculty of Kazan Federal University Gennady Samokhin. – This occurs in the area of Tarkhankut Cape Aya, Fiolent, Zander. For example, in the area of Cape Aya there is a large fountain, which flows out of a cave at a depth of 10-12 meters, which can nourish town with a population of 40 thousand people. We went into these caves and found that water is a powerful stream flows from the cave at a depth of approximately eight meters. It live small freshwater crustaceans. There is a clear the halocline would between fresh and sea water. From a depth of eight meters to get water is possible and necessary.

Scientists believe that below the top level of the modern river are deposits of gravel, that is ancient riverbed, which runs aquifer.

– Inkerman intake many decades nourishes Sevastopol from the gravels, but most of the gravel is unloaded into the sea, – said Samokhin. – We know how to change it. For example, water from the underflow of the runoff would accumulate in the Mountain reservoir, which is now practically empty. This requires not too much tubing. Scientists of Kazan Federal University jointly with the Sevastopol company “Energostalproekt” has already made a detailed economic substantiation of the technical solution.

the implementation of these projects is necessary not less than two years. And while the main challenge for solving problem of water supply Gennady Samokhin considers water management.

– In some places due to losses in water supply networks of 100 conditional cubic meters pumped from the reservoir reaches the consumer, 30-40, – said the scientist. – And about 25 percent of this is lost in consumers ‘ homes. Plants the Titan, Crimean soda plant consume as much water as the entire Simferopol. If you convert water-intensive production, can save a huge amount of water. In addition, it is necessary to develop and implement projects for wastewater treatment.

According to experts, a huge plus use of surface and submarine sources – they are dispersed throughout the Peninsula, which allows the region not to depend on the only channel of supply of water, how was the CCM.

Recall that because of the dry winter and spring most of the reservoirs of the Peninsula is now filled by 25-30 percent. Most acutely the shortage of moisture amused�� in Simferopol. Now the construction of the water pipeline from the Siberian intake to the water treatment plants of the Intermountain dam, which will provide additional water supply to Simferopol from 45 thousand to 60 thousand cubic meters of water per day.

– thus, the construction of the Ivanovo water intake will give about 20 thousand cubic meters per day and water supply from Vilinskaya intake at Intermountain dam on the Sevastopol water main will provide about 25 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Thus, we additionally provide the Simferopol drinking quality water in the near future, – said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yuri Hotsanic.