the Annual dog meat festival kicked off in the Chinese city of Yulin, Guangxi province. About it reports “Russian newspaper”.

the Event is timed to the summer solstice, is, notwithstanding the exclusion of dogs from the list of animals, which can be cultivated for food. According to the April decree of the Ministry of agriculture of China, dogs can be considered to be exclusively Pets.

Animal rights activists welcomed the changes in legislation and we hope that this festival is held for the last time. In their opinion, the termination of such events is essential not only for animals but also for the protection of human health as the pandemic coronavirus probably emerged due to the consumption of meat from animals that have not passed sanitary control.

China officially lost count of the dogs edible animals in April 2020 amid the outbreak of coronavirus. The Ministry of agriculture noted that the development of civilization, dogs were considered to be only a companion of man and therefore no longer considered China’s livestock.

According to the organization Humane Society International, every year in China for meat score from 10 to 20 million dogs. For a long time in the country it was believed that the meat of these animals brings health and good fortune. While most Chinese have never tried dog meat and never planned to do this. In Hong Kong, killing dogs and cats for human consumption is prohibited and is punishable by imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months and a fine of $ 640, although the eating of their meat is not pursued. The rest of the territory of China, the eating of meat of these animals until April was allowed.