the Building was not chosen randomly. In this house lived the family members of Anton Pavlovich, and many writers from his closest circle of friends.

“the Exhibition from the funds of GIRLY named after V. I. Dahl introduces you to the corners of Moscow, which for more than a century ago saw the Czechs and their friends – writers, doctors, artists, musicians and merchants, and also represents the evolution of the creative work of the outstanding novelist and playwright”, – lure to the exhibition organizers.

And I remind you that for the first time in the capital of the Czechs came in the Easter vacation of 1877, to finally see my family, who escaped from the debt trap from Taganrog. According to the memoirs of the younger brother of Mikhail, the city has made 17-year-old Anton “stunning impression”. Later, the future writer will write in one of his letters: “After Moscow I have in my head”. And becoming a medical student at Moscow University, Chekhov will make an important confession: “I’m terribly fond of Moscow. Who will get used to it, he will never leave it. I am forever Muscovite”.

in Addition to rare photographs of Moscow of late XIX – early XX centuries, visitors will see memorabilia of Chekhov, original paintings and drawings decorating the interiors of Chekhov’s apartments, books and magazines from the library of the writer.

In our new postpandemic reality to take in Chekhov’s world will be available in two formats – offline and online. Guests of the exhibition waiting for lectures and excursions, and all the others will be able to see rare exhibits of the virtual. Curator of the exhibition Ernest eagles.

the press service of the Museum also said that July 2 visit to the Department of “apartment house Lubomirskich of Vernadsky” is performed at the sessions are strictly by appointment via phone or e-mail and via the booking form for tickets. Temporarily restricted number of visitors. At the entrance to the Museum are required to wear masks and gloves and to observe the social distance.