A British con man wanted for attempted murder and known from a Netflix documentary has been arrested after fleeing a motorway in Belgium.

The convicted serial scammer Robert Hendy-Freegard was caught near Brussels on Friday evening, a police spokeswoman said on Saturday. He was wanted for attempted murder after he hit and injured two gendarmes who wanted to take him to the police station in France at the end of August.

Hendy-Freegard, 51, was sentenced to life imprisonment in London in 2005 for fraud, theft and kidnapping. He had charmed his mostly female victims and then mercilessly ripped them off. Because of his ability to manipulate people, he was nicknamed “the Puppeteer”.

However, the kidnapping conviction against him was later overturned and Hendy-Freegard was released from prison in 2009. Earlier this year, the US streaming service released a documentary series about him.

Ursula von der Leyen mourns the loss of her pony Dolly. A wolf reportedly killed the animal. “The whole family is terribly affected,” says von der Leyen.

Attention allergy sufferers! A grocery wholesaler is recalling pasta because not all ingredients are listed on the label.

Rewe, Edeka and Kaufland customers currently have to consider a sausage recall. Listeria have been found on the product. The batches affected have been expanded. Which products are affected and how consumers get their money back.