In Arkhangelsk, the Institute of archaeology RAS found well-preserved remains of buildings of the old monastery at the intersection of the Northern Dvina embankment and the street Uritskogo, where is being built a residential complex.

according to regional inspection on protection of objects of cultural heritage, the unique findings were made during observation of the construction works. This is the remains of a stone tower and wooden buildings of the Michael-Arkhangelsk monastery, which was located on the Bank of the Dvina since 1641.

Construction was halted, it took archaeologists. They are clearing the findings, explore them, collect archaeological objects, which you can use to date the objects. Then have to find a way of conservation that would protect the archaeological values of groundwater. While some of the objects will be designed to demonstrate to residents and guests of Arkhangelsk could look at this piece of history in the mode of open access.

In the 1930s Mikhaylo-Arkhangelsky monastery was destroyed, and its large area gradually became built up with houses. In 2019 one of the sections began construction of a new LCD. Residents of neighboring houses saw how the workers thrown in the dumps of the trenches the bricks with the stamps, forged parts and other vintage items. The public and historians protested against the conduct of excavation and construction work on the historic site without archaeological investigation. Her organization has made “the Russian newspaper”.

After the intervention of the Inspectorate for protection of monuments the developer the decision of the court was fined for failure to comply with the necessary procedures. The area was taken under state protection as an architectural heritage site. Experts of Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences has studied the cultural layer, the builders were obliged to ensure its safety. All of these efforts have been archaeological discoveries.

It is a unique event for our region, – says the head of the Inspectorate Anna Ivchenko. – Theme support archaeological excavation in our region is still “young”, dialogue with developers just starting to take shape. In 2019 in the region during the archaeological support of land on which planned to build, there are five identified archaeological heritage sites. This year there are two.

According to Anna Ivchenko, the objects of Michael-Arkhangelsk monastery may be museumified and inscribed in the concept of residential development this part of the city.

Historians call the Archangel Michael monastery of the forerunner capital of Pomerania and its cultural character. The foundations of the monastery are preserved in the cultural layer. Near places of worship were located the barns, forge, mill, candle factory, and other buildings.