Opening the event, Murat Kumpilov stressed the importance of achieving all the targets of the programme, which should improve the quality of life in rural areas.

So, in the framework of the state program “Complex development of rural territories” in the Republic this year are built utilities and social facilities, including Centres, houses of culture, improve the living conditions of young families and professionals in rural areas.

“This program gives us great opportunities for development of rural areas. We must maximize their use to improve the quality of life in rural areas. Another challenge is we need to be ready to compete when the protection of applications for Federal funds next year. It is important to show a good result of the activities of the programme this year. Therefore, it is necessary qualitatively and in time to fulfill all the targets to intensify after the lifting of restrictive measures,” – said Murat Kumpilov.

the main report was made by the Minister of agriculture Anzaur Kuanov. According to him, prior results allowed the region to increase financing of the program: 92,4 million rubles in 2019 from 14 facilities to 705,5 million rubles on 59 sites in 2020.
prepare bids and attract funding for the development of territories managed seven municipalities of the Republic. The largest number of building objects in the Maikop district. The head of the municipality Oleg Axes reported on the measures taken to co-financing the program. Overall, of the 24 facilities have been built five, is working with contractors who are behind schedule of works.

the Mayor of Adygeysk Mahmoud Tlekhas told about the creation of infrastructure within the land plots for large families, the construction of other objects within the program. The leadership of the Krasnogvardeisky district aims to accelerate the construction of the culture House in the village of Ulyap, work on the improvement of public territories.

special attention was given to problematic issues identified by results of monitoring of implementation of the program in the current period. Head of Adygea set certain tasks for the implementation of commitments in the framework of the program funds in full.

Heads of municipalities are requested to complete the Contracting, to increase the percentage of utilization of funds, execution of obligations in terms of co-financing from local budgets.

By November, all the projects must be completed. Therefore, the task is timely to introduce them into operation, and to ensure quality preparation of projects of integrated development of rural areas in 2021.