ENEA will celebrate along with the townspeople two holidays dedicated to nature and its defenders. On June 5, have world environment day and the ecologist’s Day. On this occasion, the main exhibition of the country have prepared educational online program. Internet users expect exciting workshops, tour, quests and contests. They are interesting for both children and adults.

At 11:00 on the page “Urban farm” in Instagram will appear a master class on making panels from natural materials. Subscribers will tell you how to use simple stationery tools, as well as the branches, leaves and other èkomaterialy to create an original decoration for the interior.

At 13:00 on the official website of ENEA in the “Classmates” live tour will be held. Guests will stroll around the center and see its many inhabitants — Saninsky, Anglo-Nubian and Cameroonian goats, Alpaca breed wakaya, irirska cows and Indian cows, zebu, pygmy rabbits, donkeys, raccoon, sheep and many other animals.

the Zoologist will tell about the life of animals, their daily routine, food, eating habits, and introduce kids appeared on the “City farm” this spring: saranskie kids, the breeze and the star, the lamb and the youngest baby center — a two-week calf zebu.

the environmental education center offers a Day of ecologist with Mospeada. June 5 at 09:00 on the official pages of the Ecocenter in social networks “Instagram”, “Facebook” and “Vkontakte” you can visit the master-class “Leaf of life”. Experts Mospeada will show you how to use acrylic paints, brushes, scissors, and the album leaf to transform a plain item, such as an apron, t-shirt or scarf. In the process the participants will learn about the diversity of nature of Moscow.

At 13:30 will videosrate “Woolen miracle”, seeing that you can learn to make unusual compositions of wool and yarn without using needles and other tools.

Photos of Handicrafts made in the master classes of “Leaf of life” and “the miracle of Wool”, to share on their pages on Instagram. And if you do this before June 11, subscribe to the page Mospeada in social networks and mark them on the photo, to indicate in the description of the work performed the name of the master-class and a hashtag of #Mospeada, #Daniellelaporte, you can compete for prizes. The winners will be the three participants in each master-class. The results will be announced in the official accounts Mospeada in social networks.

Also on the pages of the Ecocenter “beekeeping” in social networks at 12:30 will be the quest for children “Maya the Bee conducts environmental impact”. The guys along with the heroine have to solve several riddles and puzzles: to understand that not so with the lake, to unravel all environmental labels, compile and unscramble anagrams.

the world environment day was proclaimed at the 27th session of the UN General Assembly in 1972. The date of the selected 5 June — the day of the opening of Stockholm conference on human environment in 1972.

environment Day was established by the President of Russia in 2007. This is the professional holiday of Russian environmentalists, specialists in environmental protection, public figures and environmental activists. He is dedicated to the world environment day.

ENEA is a unique public space with the 80-year history. The exhibition brings together 49 of the cultural heritage, including historical pavilions and fountains. The total area of exhibition — more than 325 acres. In 2019, the exhibition was visited by 33 million people.