One of the important objects, which are currently underway, the plot of the main heating system in the street Siberians-Guardsmen in the Kirov district. It is important that this heating was transferred into municipal ownership in 2020, and it was immediately included in the repair program.

In Novosibirsk, this year April began preparing for the winter, for the next heating season. First of all tests of heating systems and elimination of defects. This is an important part of the work: if this is not done, then in the winter you may experience unexpected situations. In addition, there are objects that this year will be renovated. Plot of heating on the street of Siberians-Guardsmen – one of them. Repair work conducted by the municipality in the face of the MUP “Energy” together with resource – supplying organization-the Siberian generating company (SGK) – in the framework of reconstruction of heating systems, which includes replacement of pipes and repair other facilities – pumping stations, boiler houses, – said the mayor Anatoly Elbow.

a visiting meeting of experts told the mayor that works at the facility began on April 23. In three phase it is planned to conduct technical re-equipment of main heating networks with a diameter of 700 mm with a total length of over 1.2 km in terms of one pipe calculations (560 metres of pipeline). Total funding will amount to 72 million rubles.

the head of the Department of energy, housing and utilities of Novosibirsk Dmitry Peryazev noted that this culvert is important for Zatulinskiy a huge housing estate. However, built in 2008 by developer for the development of Zatulinki, she was abandoned by the owner, resulting in high wear and tear of the emergency condition of the land and erosion of the soil. Had emergency operation to change the parts of Asia.

– Last winter, in this area of heating often encountered failures, had to switch the heat supply of residential district to a backup heat supply. For more than ten years the pipe has worn away. Now, after obtaining all necessary documents, the municipality has passed a heating main in the property. We expect that after replacement of modern pipes will last at least thirty years, – said the mayor Anatoly Elbow.

the head of the city emphasized that all work must be performed efficiently. Experts pay attention to the waterproofing of the channel in which the pipes are laid, to avoid subsequent corrosion of the metal. Modern materials is the thermal insulation of pipes, which increases their durability and protection from external influence. All this should make the no-failure service life of the object.

– We see that the contractor places the steel pipe of high quality applicationsyaet anti-corrosion insulation, high quality thermal insulation is carried out and made the mount. We hope that after the modernization and technological no ground water shall not enter the channel and it will not lead to external corrosion of the pipeline, – said Dmitry Peryazev.

After installation of a heating contractor who won the municipal contract, shall conduct site restoration and landscaping, which was a repair. It is a prerequisite.

– No inconvenience Zatulinskiy residents of the neighborhood, and it is about 50 thousand people, in connection with the repair of a heating main should not suffer, – said the mayor.

Director MUP “Energy” Sergei Kvashnev said that early spring is allowed to complete the first stage of the work and proceed to the second. And if the object needs to be commissioned by 30 September, there is a high rate of repair will make it to the end of July.

We appeal to all the contractors, which this year is renovating heating systems with a request not to delay it. It is equally important to carry out the landscaping, lay the lawns. All work must be completed by September 30, – concluded the head of the city.

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Municipal unitary enterprise “Energy” this year will carry out the repair work at yet another significant object around the house № 4 Komsomolskaya street (in November last year there has been a breakthrough of enormous heat, resulting in no heat left hundreds of homes). The facility will be run by the contractor MUP “Energy”, while part of the heating repair company. This is necessary to enhance the quality of heat supply in North-Chemskogo housing estate. In addition, during the summer, many sections of heating systems for plan repair and build SGK. Work will be conducted on the streets of Dmitry Donskoy, Vladimir, Koshurnikova, Boris Bogatkova. With regard to hydraulic test, it is scheduled for completion by July 19. Today revealed 390 defects on intra-and backbone networks.