Poisonous cow parsnip Sosnowski captured the center of the city Zelenodolsk in Tatarstan. The townspeople notice a plant in Central Park and on the streets. It is reported IA “Tatar-inform”.

Complaints about the dangerous weed began to come from local residents. Immediately after the detection of Hogweed one of the residents of the Russian city of Antonina Stepanov appealed to the “people’s control”, in response to a request she received a formal reply that on 30 July, the Park will mow.

“Honestly, I was stunned by the fact that our Park is growing Hogweed. And no one pays any attention”, she said. The woman implies that infected seeds of plants, the earth brought from the area and dumped in the Park.

The anxiety of the citizens due to the fact that Sosnowski’s Hogweed is a very aggressive weed, which captures the territory, and its juice in Sunny weather, in contact with skin causes burns. It is also included in the register of “the Black book” — a list of plants that you want to fight.

Ilya Gruzkov, head of the Department of housing and communal services of Zelenodolsk, confirmed that across the city there are pockets of spread of the Hogweed. He says that the plant is gradually destroyed by the forces of the Ministry: “We work on Hogweed are, we know that we have such problems. Cut down at the root, all digging, recycle”.

The head of the press service of the administration of Zelenodolsky district Rasim Khaziev also responded to the situation with a poisonous plant, saying that the head of the area Mikhail Afanasyev and ready to go out and fight with Hogweed. He also noted that it would be necessary to comply with all safety rules and clean up the weed “no bare hands”. The press Secretary could not name the sum which the city plans to spend to fight the plant.