Due to quarantine now closed all restaurants and bars.

Honored artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov on this occasion, very sad.

His love for alcohol he never hid, but to drink the actor used outside of the house.

So now he has almost a period of sobriety.

If earlier Yefremov in the evening it was an hour and a half to go to some place and come home when it all went to bed, on isolation, his every move in sight, but still he and the children entrusted to look after.

Of course, his daughter “sometimes allows something, but it’s still less than before.”

“Now closed bars, pubs, and I’m not an alcoholic home”, – quotes the words of Mikhail

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Mikhail Efremov was seriously injured when he was in Jurmala in the country.

He stumbled, fell and broke a rib.But to go to the doctors, the actor did not.

According to him, he was afraid that he would go to the information that the accident occurred due to the fact that he was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.