is Me on the front saved the handset, the bullet ricocheted off of it and hit me in the arm. And so would it in the stomach flew, but was done there would be cases – waving injured hand, Alexei Ivanovich Korolev.

after a Pause, adds: “This God I was saved. And again…”

Alyosha Korolyov just a few months worked on the Annunciation post office, as the war began.

Skinny, weak, he knocked at doors of military registration and enlistment office – to ask to the front.

Looking at the boy, grey Commissar loud sigh and answered the same phrase: “Wait, will come your turn…”

His turn came in August 1942. Nineteen-year-old Lyosha called upon to defend their Homeland. A tearful mother, seeing him at the echelon before the departure of the train took off his pectoral cross and put on a goose neck though. He tried to make excuses, but she laid siege to it loud in a whisper:

– Sonny, put! I saw the dream – you live will be back!..

…Short courses of sergeants in the peace Khabarovsk and under the groans of the locomotive honks the van drove through it quiet from war country to Kaluga. From there, in the thick of the war, Yelnia.

For Smolensk village Semenovka their 51st Vitebsk red banner rifle division fought a few days.

the Village five times from hand to hand, – says Alexey. So the fighting was that the ground was burning.

He today, in his ninety-seven years old, often asks the question: why survived? And finds no answer. Considers the fate.

…In September 1944, after bombing the hell crawled Alyosha Korolyov connect breaks the phone connection. The ends of the wires scattered explosions hundreds of meters. They had to find and merge.

Sniper I was accompanied by two hundred meters. The bullets went very close. From under them flew the fountains of the earth, whom my eyes fall asleep – casually recalls a front-line Communicator.

He remembered that day joined twenty-seven of ruptures in telephone wires. In one of the craters signalman saw a wounded soldier, to whom a fragment was cut off four fingers on his hand.

he had several wounds, shirt soaked with blood, – says Alexei Ivanovich.

Sergeant Queens a few kilometers was dragging a wounded comrade.

– Valery Kolmakov survived. Then we follow him to the end of the war were friends of the brothers, looking past me thoughtfully says Alexei Ivanovich.

the memories of the war I pulled out of him with the word, on the proposal.

– it is Hard to remember. You go, and then I am to be the head to beat, unassumingly he says.

Suddenly, to my rescue comes the spouse.

– Ales, tell me about Masha! – delivers from the kitchen voice Raisa Petrovna.

He revived and thoroughly tells me about a girl Masha, who served in their regiment.

– She was only eighteen years old. What fearless was! The Nazis ��e somehow hard in the arm hurt. So she was not allowed to tie up, shouted: “Comrades, let’s first fascists gokoluk, and then my bandage will do.”

There are in the biography of signaller Queen another heroic fact: brought he and his comrades in the war two German “languages” and a priceless map defense of enemy positions.

– It was a carefully planned operation. We dressed in German uniforms, stormed to the Nazis in the dugout. They surprise the words could not say. Then the Colonel himself came in and said that he is with us does not want to talk. Tied up, gag in my mouth. Dragged dragged two kilometers to our position, – says the veteran.

he met the Victory in the liberation of Konigsberg. Seventy-five years after the victorious may he distinctly remembers how their platoon shouted: “Men, victory!”. They joy they fired into the sky, rocked each other. Hugging, crying.

a replica of his wife “Alyosha, it’s time for you to eat,” he jokingly excuses: “Raisa, do not bother to talk to man!”

he Says he married Raisa Petrovna, when he was “only 86”. Cleverly pushing me to the side, observes: married for the last time, a young wife – as much as fifteen years younger than him.

Both had been widowed. And they met at the sanatorium, talked and decided to try to live together.

– so we try to this day. Believe, never had a fight! Raiska I have gold, – he explained me.

he had Raisa had two marriages, both times widowed. Young died and his two children.

Notice that grief in life were many, but the life of this love has not ceased.

after Returning from the war in his native Blagoveshchensk Alexey Korolev worked as a furniture maker, photographer, and then, when health began to fail, was trained to be a watchmaker.

This work he loved best.

– Sometimes with a clock for a few days busy! This is the real happiness, when they again begin to walk. You gave life, you know?! – he asked me.

Forty years ago, he went to live in the district Ivanovka and here raised is not one hundred hours.

His modest “odnushka” in hours, I counted twenty-six. On the walls, on furniture and even on the bathroom door. Electronic, mechanical, with weights on long chains and wooden cuckoo. Go.

– When the clock is ticking – there’s probably life! – wise says Alexei Ivanovich.

His life, holder of five awards, three of which the soldiers medal “For Valor” calls “normal”.

I just quietly and honestly lived, and also to work honestly, says Alexei Ivanovich.

his biggest peaceful joy is meeting with the soldiers twenty-nine years ago. Then read Aleksei Ivanovich in the regional newspaper letter to teachers from Belarusian Vitebsk, where he was asked to respond to those who liberated it from the Nazis the city.

– I near Vitebsk they buried his best friend Kolya Avdeeva, who, dying, have removed the belt and handed it to me with the words: “Lesh, take this,” – said Aleksey Ivanovich.

He responded to that letter, the correspondence ended with a meeting of brother-soldiers in Moscow. Then, the fault in 1991, in recognition of Alexei Ivanovich, they were still young. It was an unforgettable week of meetings, memories, hugs and toasts.

And now the winner wants to live up to the sacred holiday – Victory Day.

he Said that from his third floor though crawling, but to the main square of the village will get.

– flowers at the monument to lay. This law to me – he said firmly.

It Raisa will be covered in this day is a holiday table, he will drink 50 grams of cognac, his doctor gave up and allowed him so much.

9 may, he asked his Raisku to get his beloved accordion, puts him on his knees and softly played “the Dark night”. And crying. Quietly and silently.

Crying and Raisa. On this day it was not comforting. Just listening to this song.

Aleksei Ivanovich Korolev was born 17 March 1923, the last, the tenth child in the family. His mother named him in honor of the Orthodox St. Alexis – man of God.

In the battles for Smolensk village Semenovka Sergeant Korolev tied 15 gusts and ensure seamless communication. Awarded the medal “For Courage”.

For taking the height at the Oder river and the second time was awarded the medal “For Courage”.

During the drive of the German “language” in the liberation of Konigsberg it for the third time awarded the medal “For Courage”.

Frontline Communicator Alexei Korolev – a commander of the order of Patriotic war I degree, among his awards is the medal “For the liberation of Koenigsberg”.

Freed from the Nazis in Byelorussia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

His favorite toast: “to the front-line friendship!”