Tamer Edgard Zapashny in the Studio of the program “the Stars aligned” on the NTV channel stated that he had corresponded with blogger Ekaterina Didenko. Recall that her husband and several people were killed after a party with dry ice in the pool.

“I’m the person who was texting half the night with this fool. I it differently I can not name. I’m talking about this lady, who participated in the party with dry ice. I wasn’t familiar with it. I wrote it in direct and half the night we wrote to each other”.

As noted by the trainer, he tried to reason with her that she is behaving incorrectly.


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“I said to her, “Woman, you do what you are doing? You will stay in. You why go on the show? Stop insulting the memory of my husband, stop giving example to others, stop to discredit the notion of the blogger. I tried to reason with her. Useless. She is convinced that doing the right thing,” said Edgard Zapashny.