Actress Agatha muceniece, previously accused her husband actor Paul Priluchnogo in aggressive behavior, published in Instagram a poem in which he confessed his love and asked for forgiveness.


A post shared by Agata M (@agataagata) on Apr 27, 2020 at 9:00pm PDT

“Rambler” wrote that in February, the actors announced the divorce. And in April, Agatha muceniece posted on social networks a video message in which he said that Paul Priluchny in alcoholic intoxication raised her hand and throws with the kids out of the house.

Today muceniece has published a poem in which he admitted he still loves her husband.

“I Love… love You… Always, everywhere, in spite of all…”, – she wrote.

The actress also asked her husband’s forgiveness for having “failed”, “failed” and “not saved”.

“the first came I’m sorry…”, she asked Paul Priluchnogo.