One of the detainees in Minsk journalists of the Russian TV channel "Rain" Vasily Polonsky said he and his colleagues addressed the Belarusian security forces. According to him, he has sore hands after a tie, and his colleague, and even stripped naked for inspection.

Earlier, the chief editor of "Rain" Tikhon Dzyadko reported about the detention in Minsk employees of the TV channel. In conversation with RIA Novosti he also noted that the journalists returned to Moscow with the ban on entry to Belarus for five years.

"when we arrived in the Department, who was, it turns out, across the street … it was all humanly. I have very sore hands from the ties and the employees that we then made out …. they quickly unzipped me, then handcuffed. And then I started to swing right, and then and took off the handcuffs", – said Polonsky was the TV channel "Rain".

However, "terrible accident", according to the journalist, happened to his counterpart Vladimir Romensky, which is "stripped naked and checked all".

According to Polonsky, the official reason for the expulsion of Russian journalists – in the interests of public order.

"Notice of expulsion – after all there are formulated, for which we were sent is the decision on expulsion from the Republic of Belarus in the interests of public order", – said Polonsky. Broadcast was shown a copy of the notice.

"Threatened me and my colleagues two articles of the criminal code. And there to five and to three years of imprisonment. … I hope we will have time to challenge it", – said Polonsky.

Earlier the year of Belarus Evgeny Oleynik, arrested after riots in Minsk, told about the use of force by Belarusian security forces. According to him, they always wrapped hands several times kicking when he fell. Oliynyk added that the attitude towards the detainees "it was like cattle" and admitted that, though, and often says "about the police and law enforcement officers", but this relationship is not met.

Presidential elections in Belarus took place on 9 August. After the polls closed in Minsk began the riots, which lasted till morning, in which there are detainees. The law enforcement forces to disperse the protesters using stun grenades, water cannons, according to some reports, rubber bullets. The interior Ministry of Belarus has not yet reported the number of detainees. Currently the situation is calm in the city.

According to preliminary data of the CEC, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is gaining 80,23% of the vote. In the headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovski, said to RIA Novosti, they did not recognize the results of the CEC, noting that data from sites in all districts of the Republic show that she scored 70-80%.

Previously, the press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Belarus Alexei Moskalev soobsil that the Embassy of the Russian Federation at the moment has not received any official notification from the Belarusian side about the presence of Russian citizens among the detained during the unauthorized protest actions in the Republic. He added that Russian diplomats are engaged in clarification of this information, with all the circumstances.