Russian authorities put the United States account for nearly 660 thousand dollars for medical equipment and protective equipment set 1 April as humanitarian aid. According to American experts, part of the cargo was useless.

the fact that the American side agreed to pay half of the freight delivered in the United States at the beginning of last month, it became known the next day after the transport aircraft an-124 “Ruslan” the Russian space forces landed in new York airport. Kennedy.

Before that, the Kremlin said it is “aid of a humanitarian nature”, and Donald trump publicly welcomed the Russian initiative.”It was a very nice gesture on the part of President Putin, and I could say, “No thanks”, or I could say “Thank you”, but it was a great plane medical supplies of very high quality, and I said, “I’ll take it”, — said the President of the United States, answering questions of journalists on April 2.

According to press-Secretary the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, the agreement on sending humanitarian aid was reached during telephone conversation of leaders of two States. “Against the backdrop of severe epidemiological situation in America was offered help in the form of medical equipment and means of protection,” he said. That part of “humanitarian aid” will be paid, Peskov did not mention.

the next day, state Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus in his “tweet” said that “the United States agreed to purchase from Russia the necessary medical equipment, including mechanical ventilation devices and equipment for personal protection.”

After a whole series of agreements, the Russian foreign Ministry admitted that half of “humanitarian aid” was paid for by the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF). The rest of the American side must pay on your own.

According to the inventory of the humanitarian aid provided by the television company ABC American emergency management Agency (FEMA), aboard the Russian freighter was 4 thousand industrial gas masks M-95, completely covering the face, 15 thousand respirators, 80 thousand packages of antiseptic, 400 thousand various items of medical clothing, including protective overalls, and 30 thousand gloves. Among them, however, proved to be both surgical and rubber used in the kitchen.

in addition, in the United States was delivered 45 mechanical ventilation devices “Aventa-M”.

In response to the request of the Russian service bi-Bi-si Agency FEMA confirmed that brought “Ruslan” cargo was transferred to the Agency for emergency situations in the United States new York and new Jersey, but was unable to clarify if the equipment is delivered to the hospital.

“as far As I know, with mechanical ventilation devices has been the problem, as they are designed for 220 volts, and the networks in the USA uses the 110 volt” cautiously suggested the representative of the Agency.

He also confirmed that the industrial gas masks M-95, submitted by the Russian side, “to meet the requirements of the military for protection against chemical and biological threats”, but not used in medical institutions.

Many commentators in the US have considered attending “humanitarian aid” as another “propaganda trap” of the Kremlin.

In his “Twitter” the former commander of U.S. forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges said that delivery is “not a gift of the Kremlin, and present to the Kremlin.”

at least two Russian companies involved in the shipment were in the American sanctions list. The Russian direct investment Fund was included in the list of sectoral sanctions the US in July 2014 in connection with events in Ukraine. Shortly before the sanctions were imposed in respect of the concern radio-Electronic technologies (KRET), one of the units which Ural instrument-making plant — is a manufacturer of those devices of artificial ventilation of lungs “Aventa-M”, included in “humanitarian supplies”.

According to a former coordinator for sanctions policy of the USA state Department Daniel fried imposed RDIF and concern KRET the sanctions include a ban on raising loans and borrowings, and introduce visa bans for managers. American citizens and companies have no right to do with them any economic activity and to buy produced by equipment:

the Agency FEMA also stressed that the question of payment for the American side of “humanitarian aid” is already solved. “The Department of state has received the final invoice, issued by the Russian government, in the amount of $659 283, — said the Agency. — After you have completed the necessary documents, the Department will pay the invoice, and FEMA, in turn, will reimburse diplomatic office costs incurred.”