MOSCOW, 3 may — RIA Novosti. Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder called for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the EU after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, and stressed that cooperation with Russia is especially necessary in the economic situation due pandemic coronavirus.

In an interview with Tagesspiegel, Schroeder said, speaking about the Second world war that “the fact that Russia is ready, despite the terrible past, to interact with the new Germany in the spirit of trust cannot be underestimated.”

“that we support sanctions against Russia, is at odds with this. first, they awaken in Russian historical memory, and second — do not change Russian policy. Now that due crisis in connection with the coronavirus we expect difficult economic times, we need more cooperation. Therefore meaningless sanctions should be lifted,” said schröder in an interview with the German edition.

“anyone who thinks that sanctions can force Russia to something wrong. Neither the Russian President will never give the Crimea to Ukraine. This is the reality,” — said ex-Chancellor Germany.

Speaking about the situation in the East of Ukraine, Schroeder said that “peaceful coexistence is only in the case if Ukraine becomes a Federal state, in which the East will get more autonomy”.

Relations between Russia and the West deteriorated in connection with the situation in Ukraine and around the Crimea, which reunited with Russia after a referendum on the Peninsula. The West is accusing Russia of meddling has imposed sanctions against it. Moscow retaliated, took the policy of import substitution and called the language of sanctions is counterproductive.

Russia has repeatedly stated that it is not a party to the conflict in Ukraine and the subject of the Minsk agreements on the settlement. Lately in the EU clearly there are opinions on the necessity of lifting sanctions.