In 2020 the cost of education at the Ural universities remained at the same level as last year. For resident students in average is from 100 to 260 thousand rubles a year, part-time rates start from 50 thousand. The number of budget places has grown, the trend of recent years: every year it increases by 10 percent. So, the Ural state mining University them was 1075, and in the Urals Federal – about 6.5 thousand.

the expenses of the parents, as a rule, are determined by the results of the unified state examination. High scores the exam, a sure way to become the top ranking, a wholly-owned budget taking place. This year in the region has increased the number of stabulnieku, says the head of the final evaluation and assessment of education quality Ministry of education and youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Tatyana Umnova. Every third graduate has typed in Russian language over 80 points, and math – every sixth.

However, great results do not guarantee a “budget”, it also happens that two guys with the same points the competition is held. And yet this is no reason to despair because there are several ways to reduce training costs.

first, high exam scores allow you to pay less even where education by the state does not provide. So, on the double degree program on global economy and international business, which is implemented by the Ural University in conjunction with the French business school, with good delivery of core subjects can save almost half the cost – up to one hundred thousand rubles. The second option is a discount in the 30-40 percent you can get for paying a few years of studying in advance.

in addition, to ease the financial burden at the beginning of student life, when young people still do not earn themselves, in the Urals for the first time established the grants for the first year of study, which may be partially or fully cover the cost of the program. They are two institutions on economic and humanitarian directions of training. Study for four-five and no complaints on discipline support willing to renew next year, but under the condition that the student received in the previous semester.

Grants will be paid to enrolled full-time enrolled on a contractual basis. To participate in the competition, which runs parallel with the preparation of the main ratings, applicants must score at least 260 points exam. Grants also will take the winners and prize-winners of competitions – says Urfu zamdirektora Elena Avramenko.

the Grant funds will seriously help out newcomers, and the local boys from poor families who have to seek additional sources of income to pay tuition, housing. By the way, a good performance gives you the opportunity to receive an increased grant, in ��th including the name (for example, from the D. S. Likhachev Fund for scholars, Gaidar for economists). Many believe that they are paid only to state, and not applying, and for good reason: students-platniki can also count on this support. For example, from the second year students of the same Ural Federal University and Tyumen state University, published scientific articles even in the University collection and completed the last semester with good grades, can get a scholarship of the Oxford Russian Fund (8000 rubles) for 10 months.

– Also talented students may qualify for scholarships of the President and government of Russia, the Governor – adds a member of the United Council of presidential grants of the Russian Federation Elena chernyshkova.

By the way, participation in such programs not only provides financial support, but also allows you to join a team of like-minded people in the scientific community, to take professional internships.

And yet universities expect the growth of scholarship and by employers: under the decision of their business problems among students has already created a project group.

Recently in the state Duma introduced a bill according to which the students-paying students guaranteed tuition discount with good academic performance. This initiative of the deputies are going to expand the access to quality education, the cost of which increases yearly because of inflation.

to pay their University studies, some use a camera or take an educational loan, which can pay off after graduation. Moreover, the government and the Bank of Russia has received instructions to reduce the interest rates on educational loans (they now account for 7-8 percent). The Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation Alexander Milkus said that the new conditions for such lending will be known by mid-August, in particular, cancellation of the down payment and increase the period of repayment of the loan.