According to the office of traffic police in the Sverdlovsk region since the beginning of the year in the region were 76 accidents involving young drivers. Injured 48 people, most of them minors.

Of the recent incident in Revdinsky district, where 15-year-old boy on an ATV lost control and crashed into a tree. The result – hospitalization with head injuries and fractures of the skull. The guy was lucky he was in the motorcycle gear and a helmet. Parents on the trip knew nothing: son together with his 17-year-old friend, secretly rented a Quad bike and a pit bike and went to ride on a forest road. To understand the state of emergency will now have police. Law enforcement officers will examine the order of the rental equipment and will send the materials to the juvenile division, where, incidentally, the teenager already consists on the account.

– In the 15-16 years I really want to show off in front of peers, – says Deputy chief of UGIBDD GU MVD in the Sverdlovsk region Dmitry Panfilov. – I myself was so.

After the ninth grade, the future, the traffic police officer went to the labour camp: children lived in a rural school in the morning weeding the turnips, with lunch, and that night was fun – listening to “Tender may”, danced, had fun. Someone once drove a motorcycle “IZH” – serious, with a stroller, orange. Got to ride, it came to Dmitri. It all started well and ended in a pile of logs: Dmitry ripped his throat from chin to Adam’s Apple. The lesson, he says, was serious – for him and for others. The motorcycle then drove away, and history tried to forget. Parents of Dmitry still don’t know what happened in the camp. He after the incident many years did not come to motorcycles – completely repulsed desire, although the licence was.

– Then realized that lightly. I windscreen my head could be cut off. Even thought it was not that it is dangerous. Thought: what’s wrong? Bike and scooter rides well and is fine. Other rode my bike – all fine, happy. If anyone of the teachers saw our ride, said that doing nothing, slapped on the neck – it would, I think, stopped us – said Panfilov.

the Head of motoakademija Dmitry Trifonov from hospitalizations and gypsum as a youth was saved by the parents.

– I was drawn to engineering, sat behind the wheel, but always under the supervision of a father or uncle. When I was 16, my father bought me an old Soviet motorcycle. The guys fixed it and began to ride.

my parents had one condition: the helmet. Dmitry the condition is ignored – not cool, and all are without helmets ride.

– It very quickly came to parents and I took the bike for a month. But I’m just a couple of days again riding with friends without a helmet. And I was put under house arrest for three days. It was very ��Estoque punishment. First felt the injustice, the resentment, and then realized that if parents are going to such measures, so the question is still serious. And recklessness is not allowed, he said.

the Final realization came a little later when three of his classmates in a motorcycle accident. Was driving, lost control, crashed into a car. To death.

– To me it is very much affected. In my head there was an understanding of the hopelessness of death. Life goes on, and one does not. I realized that life can just end because of their own or someone else’s mistake, – says Dmitry Trifonov.

Technically guilty teenagers. Globally adults. Appliances and keys, as a rule, are freely available. Parents buying for children mopeds, ATVs and motorcycles, not realizing that provoke Teens into the breach.

for Example, in Yekaterinburg, the mother gave the son the money for the moped. Technique a child is bought from the hands through the Internet the documents on a moped seller promised later, and then disappeared. The teenager spent two weeks riding without numbers, and then first knocked the child on the scooter, and then crashed into a children’s train. All are alive, four minors victims. According to mom, the bike wanted to take to the cottage, but before the son took it secretly.

Expensive gifts parents often bribes the children to free up time for yourself, – said Dmitry Trifonov. – When a child asks for a pit bike, dad says, “Cool! In my youth, too, was motorcycles! We went for a drive, even without helmets and all are alive.” He simply does not remember how much everything was stories with a sad ending.

Bans, of course, not an option fire in the belly will still find a way to get behind the wheel. If the teenager has a clear interest in technology, the task of the adult is to accompany him in this hobby. Train driving, explain safety rules, to awaken the instinct of self-preservation and to help the awareness of responsibility.

– let’s Say you pick up a knife. You understand that this is a dangerous subject? Cut the bread carefully so as not to cut yourself. When people sit behind the wheel, this instinct somehow does not work, – explains Dmitry Panfilov.

– Here can be useful to fear, – says Dmitry Trifonov. – A child must be taught to paint a picture in my head, where is something terrible, irreparable. Then there will be a realization that you can do, and what not.

to Reduce the number of crashes with Teens behind the wheel, according to experts, can auto and motocicli. According to the observations of inspectors, in Soviet times, when such groups had a lot of minors were rarely involved in an accident. In the classroom, the teen splashed his energy, got the adrenaline pumping, learn to drive a vehicle and recognized safety rules. Now similars mug section, of course, too, but it is significantly less, and teen fashion Hobbies seem to have come.

in motoakademija underage students unit, – says Dmitry Trifonov. But it is clear that no teenager would never recognize what it can not. He believes that all can learn yourself, but you cannot let this process take its course. If adults can’t teach the child themselves, need to lead him to the coach. If this is not an option, at least to convey to him the rules of the road and the need to always use protective equipment.

Sergei Karjakin, the master of sports of international class, winner of the Dakar rally 2017, the silver medalist of Dakar-2020:

– Children can understand: they are looking for fulfillment. One tip for parents: engage the child and help him to find himself. Drawn to technology – take the section or, if not possible, teach themselves. It’s easy: put pit bike in the trunk and into the woods, away from roads. That’s what I started: first was the winner sitting on the lap of the father, then he went through the woods on a children’s bike. In General, we need to develop leaders to mind was not the bloggers who upload videos, as they smoke and drink behind the wheel, professional athletes are the masters, the winners of steep competition. And, of course, is to invest in the section on auto and motorcycle racing, where children can engage in free of charge.


For the transfer of the vehicle to the person without rights, a penalty in the amount of 30 thousand rubles. The driver, if he had turned 16, for driving without a license will pay a penalty of five to 15 thousand rubles. In addition, every teenager, sitting behind the wheel without a license is likely to be registered in the Commission on Affairs of minors.