“RG” asked the beautician and certified massage therapist Anna Segalis about how to take care of their muscles and the beauty in isolation.

a Set of massage therapist “at home,” simple, items you can buy in a drugstore or order online. It includes:

1. Any massage oil. You can also take the refined olive oil and add a few drops of orange essential oil.

2. Vacuum jar.

3. Food film.

To enhance the drainage effect of massage you need to drink at least two liters of water a day. And to create a favorable atmosphere to include pleasant nature sounds, meditative music or audio affirmations. The so-called positive affirmations that should be repeated out loud or silently to create a motivating attitude.

you Need to prepare the place: a stool or chair with low backrest in front of the table so that you can put it on his head. Under the forehead, put a small pillow or folded blanket tight to the head position was stable and comfortable.

1. Mash the neck and shoulders in a circular motion. RUB them with your fingers, press hard enough and draw circles for a few minutes.

2. “Shake” hands. Take his head, right hand over left ear and gently pull to the right shoulder, then change hand and pull the head towards the left shoulder.

3. A slight stretching movement stroked his neck, down to shoulders. Return your hands back to the neck, Promina it.

4. Put your hands behind your back and stretch the lower back in a circular motion. Give this area at least 5 minutes to heat and stretch it so as to feel warmth and relaxation.

5. Prominen the back along the spine, while get hands. If it turns out, working in the knuckles, if not – fingers.

Use the massager, if there is one. Side back work vacuum jar, it will help to reduce body fat and improve skin condition. Back perfect warming cream with an extract of pepper, but be careful with it, apply a very small amount.

1. Lay a fitness Mat and lie down on it.

2. Lift one leg up and smooth, but powerful stroke movement of the legs from the feet to the thighs. Try to keep the leg permanently raised.

3. Change the leg and repeat the massage movement.

4. Belly massage in a circle, clockwise. Tighten your abdominal muscles and prepare your muscles using small circular motions.

5. Strokes stroll along the waist line from the back to the groin. This movement of the lymphatic ducts. So you run the lymph and ensure the outflow of blood from the lower extremities, will remove the burden from the entire body.

6. At the end of the massage put the palm in the shape of seashells and pochapyquirements go over the entire surface of the body, avoiding the breast area. Striking technique is incredibly relaxing. This property can use a moisturizer or massage oil with a favorite scent.

1. Apply oil or massage cream on the thighs and buttocks.

2. Vigorously RUB one area with your hands, then “grab” with your fingers the folds of fat and mash it.

3.Now perekidyvaem this fold from the center to the periphery.

4. If you have vacuum jar, vacuum make the popping crease.

5. Repeat the complex for all the folds.

rubbing 10 percent of the time;

kneading 50-60 percent;

clapping – no more than 5 percent;

vacuum jar – 25 percent.

for Example, you’re working hip:

1. Rubbing and applying oil – 1 minute

2. Kneading – 5 minutes

3. Rolling folds – 1-2 min

4. Vacuum massage banks – 2 minutes

5. Pat – 1 minute.

total massage one zone is 10-11 minutes.

After the massage you can make a homemade cellulite wrap.

Take a tablespoon of dry mustard, add three tablespoons of water and some massage oil or a massage cream for the body.

mix Well and apply this mixture on the hips with a thin layer, wrap them in cling film.

Keep the wrap for at least 30 minutes. During the wrap you can do chores or light fitness it is necessary that body temperature was higher than normal.

To enhance the effect of the massage can be done peeling:

stolou Mix 1 spoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of ground coffee (you can take coffee grounds from the coffee machine), 1 tablespoon of sour cream.

Apply the mixture on dampened skin and massage with circular movements for at least 15 minutes. By the way, the smell of this peel is the real home – depressant.

For facial massage suited your Whidbey evening cream. It needs to be nutritious, fat to create the desired slide. Facial massage performed on the massage lines from the center to the periphery.

1. Apply the cream on face

2. Strokes spend in the face from the nose to the ear.

3. Continue stroking from the corners of the mouth to the ear lobes.

4. Go to the movements from the chin to the cheeks.

5. Swipe your finger across the neck from its base upwards.

6. From the point between the eyebrows need a bit of movement upwards and outwards in the arcs of the eyebrows.

7. Around the eye lead the fingers on the upper eyelid from the center of the eye to the outer corner, then along the eyebrows, and the bottom from the outer corner to the inner.

8. Repeat a complex, changing movement into light patting motion alternately four fingers or kneading and plucking. But move still strictly along the massage lines of the face.

9. Apply your favorite mask.

If this massage is done regularly, in a week or two you will notice good result – face posvezheet. > will disappear, puffiness and fine lines.