As noted by the mayor of the city Anatoly Lokot at the retreat with the experts, the object of communal infrastructure is of great importance for the development of large territories.

In a rapidly growing community East and the surrounding area is already built 39 apartment houses, 20 office buildings, three kindergartens and one school. The cable line is laid to the Eastern residential area from the substation on the street Boris Bogatkova, also provides electricity to a pumping station and two substations that are served warm homes from main heating systems.

In the future it will continue constructing housing. However, the old cable lines, laid twelve years ago, designed for a capacity of 10 kV. Now they simply can not withstand the increased load. In recent years tenants of houses on the streets Volochaevskaya, azure, Dovatora Gusinobrodskoe highway, was left without light and heat, as the nearest heat substation is also fed from the line supply.

– currently, the technical condition of the old lines is unsatisfactory. At the time it was built by a private developer not for standards. In 2019 due to damage to the consumers twice disconnected from the power supply, – said the mayor Director MUP “the Grid” Yuri Rakhmanov.

the Municipal enterprise “the Grid” is the customer of construction. Last year the mayor instructed the management company to resolve the issue of uninterrupted supply of the neighborhood. At the same time were executed the project of replacing the cable lines. According to him, the capacity will increase almost twice – with 10 to 19 kW. It is quite account for future load associated with the growth of the neighborhood.

– Reconstruction of cable lines this solves a number of strategic objectives in the first place – provides stable power and heat supply of the residential area. The fact that the pumping station is also powered from this line, so in the event of an accident the residents lost not only light but also heat, hot water, which, of course, is unacceptable in the winter. The new line will allow to increase power consumption in half. Thus, we create a Foundation for the further development of Oktyabrsky district, said the mayor Anatoly Elbow.

the Contract for execution of works concluded with the organization “Sibenergosetproekt”. From may 15, 2020 at the facility under construction and installation work. They are designed for three phases. Until the end of August the contractor will have to replace nearly four kilometres of power cable, today completed a third of the planned works.

– Go ahead of schedule. In some areas work is performed by trenchless method in order not to close road access and not to create discomfort to residents mikror��Jon. Cable laid along the road that in case of emergency will facilitate the maintenance of the network, – informed the mayor about the works of the chief engineer “Sibenergosetproekt” Alexey Belousov. – When routing the old line cables placed close to each other. Therefore, when you crash one of them was the melting of the nearby threads, and so echoed by the cascade damage. This, for example, in 2019, led to the accident, causing the whole housing estate could be left for days without electricity. Now the standard cables are posted, they will increase the distance, in the event of a short circuit of one second was not damaged. All previous flaws will be taken into account when routing new power lines.

the Total cost of the project is 59.5 million rubles. These extra-budgetary funds.

– Reconstruction of cable lines is carried out without the participation of the city budget of means MUP “Power” that works in our city for four years. The company receives payment from JSC “RES” for the lease of networks and directs the money for the repair and maintenance of its infrastructure, – said the mayor.

Anatoly Lokot said that before the “power Grid” was originally assigned with the task to “pick up” abandoned electricity, which ceased to serve the company, and to supply the service. This year the city also will repair these old lines.

According to plan, by September 2020, the Eastern residential area will be completely switched to a new line of uninterruptable power supply.