County Symphony orchestra will perform under the direction of laureate of international contests Mikhail Leontiev with the participation of soloist of the Mariinsky theatre Violetta Lukyanenko and soloist of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia Stanislav Bridge.

in the municipalities of the region choirs will perform a family: the Central square they will perform the Russian national anthem and the famous song about the Motherland.

of Course, in a pandemic will comply with all necessary precautions, because the quarantine in the region is maintained.

throughout the district, as well as Russia in General, will be the ceremonial lifting of the Russian flag. Each municipality has its own peculiarities. In Megion, for example, the raising of the flag on the town square will be broadcast in all the official resources. In Pokachi the flag will raise residents who have made a worthy contribution to the development of the city. But over Surgut fly balloons depicting the flags of the city of Yugra and Russia.

and across the country, in Yugra Russian tricolor will appear in the Windows and on the balconies of houses. In addition, flags will be placed in the most emblematic places of the cities and towns.

In public places and on transport would hand out ribbons with the tricolor and little flags, and the recovering hospital patients who have had cowed, will be awarded a commemorative badge “We won coronavirus”.

in several municipalities will host a festival of graffiti. Street artists depicted on the walls of buildings of modern heroes: doctors, volunteers, social workers.

And in Surgut there will be a new art object “Quay of life”. Street artists will create a graphic image on the parapets of the river port about the city’s history.

an Interesting campaign in social networks: bake me a cake and give it to someone you want to thank. So, in Beloyarskiy pies will be awarded to elderly people complex center of social service of the population, and in Langepas the physicians of the city.

In the village of Sytomino Surgut district will videohistoria newborns, newlyweds, graduates kindergarten, schools, anniversaries. For them have prepared a program of creative collectives of the local centre of leisure and creativity.

but in the capital district of the Khanty-Mansiysk any of the citizens will be able to take part in the coloring of the parapets of the embankment of the Irtysh prepared ahead of time sketches of the views of the city. During the day at the County seat will host the festival of “XM ONLINE”, which will be broadcasted in social networks. The performance of songs about Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk, an online exhibition of old images of the capital of the district, interviews of famous people who made a great contribution to the development of the city. In addition, the planned virtual tour of attractions in Khanty-Mansiysk.

At noon in Yugorsk premiere of the clip “MA��abalone Russia” with the participation of vocal ensembles PERFORMANCE, “Note”, “Good mood”, “His people”, soloists of the Central Committee of “Yugra-present”.

the Young residents of the village of Zarechny of the Oktyabrsky district will test their artistic abilities on the topic of “Russia our home – Zarechnyy”. The village is the same age as Ugra him this year as well as the district turns 90 years old, and their works, the authors will dedicate the anniversary of his homeland.

In Beloyarsk district will summarize the results of the contest “Russia in the frame.” Participate in the contest the authors of the images with the image of the favorite places in Russia.

“From my homeland Russia begins” – under this name awaits residents of Beloyarskiy musical greeting. The creative team in the festive decorated car will move around the city, stopping at the yards. In the Central square of the village Sorum team will create a dance “Friendship”. Keep social distance the participants of the dance will help a bright ribbon. And the streets of the village overweight will be the local representatives of a number of diasporas in national costumes.