Lawmakers in Hong Kong engaged in an apparent game of capture the flag, which quickly descended into a pushing, shoving and shouting match as a row over electing the chairman of a key committee intensified.

No sooner had an education panel meeting ended, at approximately 1:15pm local time, than chairwoman Starry Lee Wai-king leapt for the podium to seize control of proceedings, as shown in video from the chaotic scene.

Hong Kong lawmakers from opposing camps scramble for the chairman’s seat in the meeting room, where a fiery House Committee meeting is due to startVideo: SCMP/Alvin Lum

Lawmaker Eddie Chu attempts in vain to scale the wall of the legislature behind the committee chair’s seat. Photo: NowTV screenshot.

She was flanked by allies and security guards as opposition lawmakers attempted to prevent her from reaching the podium, in bizarre scenes. Opposition lawmakers feverishly tried to prevent her from ascending the podium, with each side accusing the other of unlawfully attempting to seize control of the session.

#NOW: A scuffle at Hong Kong’s legislature has begun among hisses between pro-democracy and pro-Beijing lawmakers. This scene reveals how pro-Beijing Kwok Wai-keung is attempting to drag pro-democracy Raymond Chan out of the legislative chamber.

Another moment of chaos at #HongKong’s legislature as democrats attempt to cross a security cordon around the committee chair’s seat.Democrats have been filibustering since last year, as the gov’t seeks to pass the controversial national anthem law.

The Beijing-aligned lawmakers have accused the opposition of “malicious” filibustering to prevent the passing of key bills, such as the National Anthem Bill, which defines how people must observe the Chinese anthem, ‘The March of the Volunteers.’

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