Disputes about why the face of the Earth almost instantly by historical standards, the Neanderthals disappeared, last for many years. Among the main culprits are called the ancestors of modern man. Argument? Science knows that the first Homo sapiens arrived out of Africa to Europe, where the Neanderthals lived , about 41 thousand years ago, and for 40 thousand years ago, they completely disappeared. Isn’t that a weird coincidence? And hence the hypothesis of guilt of the ancestors of modern man.

And there the data that can be rehabilitated. New works have questioned this chronology. The fact that in Bulgarian the Bacho Kiro Cave a few years ago, scientists found thousands of animal bones, jewelry, and most importantly, the remains of five fossils. The analysis showed that they belong to modern man. Sensation was their age – about 45 thousand years.

it Turns out that Homo sapiens arrived on the territory of Neanderthals earlier than previously thought. Moreover, these two populations lived side by side and interacted for millennia, and quite closely. This is evidenced by the various items of jewelry, which came from the Neanderthals after the arrival in Europe of Homo sapiens. And, of course, the most important arguments are the genes of Neanderthals, who now have many of us.