Meanwhile, the network appeared the photo of the project, which involves a radical restructuring of the tunnel due to the increase in the number of ways. So, the city could lose another historic place.

Mr Sobyanin @MosSobyanin ask you not to allow Russian Railways to reconstruct historical tunnel in Syromyatnikov. This is an important element of the historic landscape of the district. There is not need a road, leave the tram and the pedestrian street! And ARTPLAY the desired pedestrian area with trees.

the Tunnel is interesting not only as an architectural structure. A historian of railway transport, candidate of technical Sciences and coordinator of the public movement “Arhnadzor” Yuri Egorov drew attention to the so-called “tram “plexus”.

For the passage of wagons opposing directions-one track goes inside the other to allow cars in both directions when a very small width of the tunnel. The cars met just inside the tunnel, equipped with lights, which are closed, if the inside of the tunnel there is a wagon. Places like this quite a lot in European cities, but in Moscow it is one.

– don’t see the need for a radical restructuring of the entire tunnel, and even with the demolition of surrounding buildings. Look at least according to Yandex, close to the tunnel are at home, but at project the picture they are not, – said Yegorov.

However, all these other arguments are unlikely to take into account, because the tunnel is officially is not a monument. And it is unlikely such will be recognized. This position of Supervisory organizations across all transport facilities.

– for Example, what was the failure on the nearby bridge over the Yauza at the Andronikov monastery. It is the oldest and the only stone railroad bridge in Moscow, about the same years the construction of that tunnel in Syromyatnikov, – says Yuri Yegorov.

the Moscow city architecture Committee, RIA Novosti reported that the approved architectural and urban design of the project and the extension of the tunnel in the Syromyatnichesky passage.

But the plans are there. And they are connected, probably, with the launch of the Moscow Central diameters.

the Design documentation is in development, it is not a consistent solution designers, and one of the options, schematically showing the boundaries of the future reconstruction. The final decision in mandatory to pass all required approvals – the Agency urban news “Moscow” review of the Railways.

– Their desire to add above the tunnel two way clear, but it is solved by the lengthening of the tunnel, or building a flyover parallel to the existing paths. So much easier and cheaper. And for the city rebuilding of the tunnel are also of little use. The flow of trams there is not so big to him at the same time came a lot of cars and gathered huge tube of them. For AV��of mobilei also have alternative roads, – said Yegorov.

At the current stage of important negotiations with the designers that would add new trails, and maintain the tunnel that has become a monument. Though not officially recognized.