Here is the second week raging passion about road accident with participation of the actor Mikhail Yefremov, in which the driver of the van, Sergey Zakharov died the next day in the hospital. The artist sits under house arrest and surrounding his persona is still broken lances, and carried out a fierce debate in social networks, on other sites. Including ours. People Express different points of view.

“People went mad – there is nothing to talk and discuss. This is the abyss into which man dragged himself by his hands. A real tragedy – Sergey Zakharov (by the way, he as two drops of water similar to Sergey Dorogova from 6 frames) – modern Akaky, – wrote on his page in Facebook writer Sergei Leskov. – The tragedy of a young person who struggled to feed his family. In Ryazan, although graduated and can not find work. 15 years roam courier in a wealthy capital. Carrying delicacies to those who had money, connections, roles, actions, position, and glory. Himself these delicacies did not eat, can not afford. His overcoat was a van "Lada". On the jeep, which raced toward them and which he saw in his last frame, could not even dream of. But when I studied engineering, too, dreamed. Life now is such that to dream in Ryazan about. Moscow killed a nameless provincial. Moscow and its elite, which lives, not feeling under a country, a man forced to bury his dream and ended his life. Moscow, where the best people are above the law, signed the verdict powerless to the driver. Moscow is proud of the title agglomeration and voraciously devouring Russia. It is not Mikhail Efremov, and Moscow went into the oncoming lane. And if we understand this, then life in Russia will be different”.

There were also those who fully share that view. “Good way to oncoming…” – sums up Georgy Bovt. “…On the road with the name of Russia!”, – says Nina Khmeleva. “Moscow – hole for snickering and imagines about itself is what they are and half are not worth it”, – says Vadim Fox. “Sergei, I ran into this drunk-killer when he’s in our showroom we bought a Mercedes ML, recalls a case from his practice Sergey Terekhin. – Sat sour, then asked if there was anything to drink. I’ve always had, you know, clients are different. Put the whiskey and come to life. After 30 minutes, sat behind the wheel, drove off. A week later the news showed that the accident involving the car of M. Ephraim, and he fled the scene of the accident. So constantly booze and driving. These need not to spare a tear. Alcoholics”.

But not everyone agrees with the opinion of Sergei Leskov. “The tragedy associated with Ephraim, showed that billions of money go nowhere in Moscow. On such dangerous roads, no bump stops. How can this be? – outraged Sergei Borkov. – It turns out that it can. Now Ephraim will hang all sobyaninsky BA��duck in Moscow. The victim was found in the person of Ephraim? The main culprits in this mess, as always, will come out unscathed”. “Very strange pathos on the "drunk Moscow, went to beautiful Voronezh" on the "devouring Russia Moscow" and so called "speculation", – said Yegor Bykovsky. – Drunk driving, approximately equally distributed over the surface of Russia (I would even venture to assume, specific more of them outside of Moscow). And should not be their (not Moscow)”.

Also about Mikhail Efremov, his childhood, youth and acting career told his colleagues.

“as soon As he began to play with my dad, and there he was 14-16 years old, I don’t know – I saw he said with a smile: "at this moment I began to drink, steal, something else to do".

But it’s not a smile – it’s true: he’s been drinking since childhood, shared his memories of Honored artist of the RSFSR Natalya Bondarchuk. Far away in his childhood he took the example of his father, but the father at least was able to restrain myself”. “We filmed with him in dozens of paintings, adds to the story to his colleagues, Honoured artist of Russia Alexei Cucumbers. And there have been incidents when I had to put it in place: he was so insane that I had to apply physical force.”

“Sorry man, life, Ephraim is a pity only one that he traded his life for vodka, he has to live with it, and how he will cope – he has to decide, not us – I’m sure Natasha Patskevich. – Genes are taking their toll, his father, Oleg Yefremov, a gifted man was also an alcoholic is a disease, just someone cured (the main thing – to want), and some don’t, and how many such cases happen every day, we don’t know and will still happen. Wouldn’t Efremov, we would even maybe would not know about it, the man was buried, condolences to the families, and let the earth will he rest in peace, Oh, and then to decide the fate of Ephraim will be the court, not us. I think he is honest and fair.”

What can I say? Yes, everything seems correct – do not add, not subtract: the word, God will judge him! From punishment just to leave it won’t give.