The health insurance provider, Helsana donates the Swiss Red cross (SRK), one Million francs, and places Volunteers in the newly opened Corona-Test-center in Bern to use. This Drive-In test center is the first of its kind in Switzerland and is open to all. This means that the whole population can be tested there, not just at-risk groups.

This pushes the population a great deal of interest, as Thomas Heiniger (62), President of SRK, at the request of VIEW says. “The first two days since commissioning of the goods within derecognised in the shortest amount of time. We were well prepared, were able to cope with the rush well, and the waiting times should be kept short.”

Helsana employees to help in the test center

you May follow the pilot project in Bern, with more on the test centers. Because extensive Tests are considered an important measure in the fight against the Coronavirus. “If the process is proven in Bern and sufficient Material is available, it can be implemented rapidly in other locations,” provides Heiniger in view.

in The construction of other test centres would certainly help, Helsana. At the Moment, but the operation of the test centre in Berne is in the foreground. There are also employees of the Helsana in the service. “The use of the end with medical qualification or initial training on a purely voluntary Basis of cooperation,” says Daniel dirt (52), CEO of Helsana to VIEW. The health insurance their employees for a period of one to two weeks.

In recent years, many health care professionals have switched to health insurers. You now have their Knowledge and experience in the crisis, in hospitals or test centers, makes a lot of sense.

< p > Million for masks and / or

, Helsana not only Voluntary, but gives SRK a Million francs. Among other things, the money will be used for the procurement of protective masks. Half a Million flows in support of SRK: “This includes the financial support of people who are, as a result of the pandemic in a social and financial distress, count. Or free delivery services for food or medications for at-risk groups,” says dirt.

The money for the donation comes from the so-called “Free funds” of Helsana. The money is not charged to the current Budget of the health insurance Fund. Is The corona a crisis is an extreme burden on the entire health care system – especially financially.

Now, health insurance reserves, must not be

dissolve A forecast of how much the health costs due to the Corona pandemic rise, dares to dirt. Clear, however, is for the chief of the Helsana, where the money will come, if one day the bill will be presented for the crisis: “The industry has sufficient reserves, the caused by the crisis, to absorb one-off effects. Exactly for extraordinary times such as we are experiencing currently, were formed.”