Gian Franco Kasper (76) had to be in the past by racers, officials and media regularly make the accusations that his performances are “colorless”. However, after the resignation of the Engadiners could in the FIS Headquarters in Oberhofen a really dazzling figure in the President’s chair to take a seat. The speech is from the Stockholm large become a multi-millionaire Johan eliasch group.


The 58-Year-old, is since 1995 at the top of the Vorarlberg-based sporting goods manufacturer Head, has recently announced his official candidacy for the Post of the President of the International ski Federation known. But who is this man who leads the largest part of its business from London?

the eliasch group is a grandson of G. A. Svensson, has developed in Sweden in the real estate trade a considerable fortune. Because Johan didn’t want to rest on the legacy of his grandfather, he began to buy the ailing company, which he renovated and for fat profits re-selling. Meanwhile, his fortune is estimated at 550 million Swiss francs.

Liaison with Hollywood-pearl Sharon Stone

A high market value, the women at the side of the cool Viking have. 2011 has been audited, especially in the English media Eliaschs Liaison with Hollywood-pearl Sharon Stone gleefully file. Whether between the “Basic Instinct”actress and the gifted business man, something is still is not known.

the Undisputed Eliaschs great love for the sport of skiing is. So the Alpine stars depart on his Head skiing, he has lifted some millions to his private account.

Legendary is his appearance on the occasion, Marco Büchel, RV Party at the world Cup Finals 2008 in Bormio. Among the guests of the Liechtenstein ski legend and Austria’s departure rocket Michael Walchhofer. Later on in the day stretched the eliasch group the downhill world champion in 2003, a blank sheet of paper and a pen and said: “Michael, to write me the amount you have to have so that you switch from Atomic to Head. I will pay you the desired sum will be also a special Range for your wife, Barbara, make …” Walchhofer, the generous offer politely declined.

Wanted to make Cuche to Further animate the

in 2012, wanted to keep the eliasch group Didier Cuche of resignation and offered the new Burger of 1.2 million Swiss francs for a further season. Also Cuche politely declined. For the eliasch group has been bought in spite of his average Can as a skier, some of the bets in big races. So he was, for example, at the last world Cup downhill in Are, as the Ancestors used.

A name for the smart bald guy on the big political stage in 2007, Britain’s Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown appointed him personal adviser.

Low Chance for a choice

However, despite this exceptional performance FIS-Insider Eliaschs chances at the election of the new President, who is expected to take place in October, a levels, as low. “Due to its connection with the Head, the FIS delegates, which other Skiausrüster are closer will not be voting for sure for Johan,” the General Tenor.

The stone-rich Vikings would certainly be the cheapest solution for the FIS in an E-Mail that he sent to the national federations, holding the eliasch group that he would abandon the President’s salary. And is estimated to be around 500 000 francs.

elections in October

in may Of planned the FIS Congress in Thailand had to be cancelled due to Corona. Some evidence currently that the is linked to the Assembly of the International ski Federation FIS in October with the annual Meeting of the Technical Committee.

so Far, in addition to Johan eliasch group, the former FIS Vice-President Mats Primary from Sweden, FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis from England and Italy’s Federation President Flavio Roda your candidacy for the succession of Gian Franco Kasper made public.

insiders believe that, in the next few weeks, Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann officially in the battle for the highest office in the sport of skiing is on the rise.