The human body consists of between 60 and 75 percent water. How high this proportion is effective depends on a variety of factors, including the age or gender.

So that the body can get all the important metabolic functions, we need to ensure that a loss of fluid is compensated for. So we lose in the summer through sweat more liquid than in the Winter. In cold temperatures, the feeling of thirst diminishes. It is dangerous to drink because we often forget. And, although we lose through Breathing steadily water.

The first consequences of a low water supply can be, among other things, a deterioration of brain power, headache, dizziness and fatigue. Those who drink enough water, which adheres to the following rule of thumb: Daily 0.3 deciliter of fluid per Kilo of body weight. This is true for the average person, and when no Sport is being made.

But you can also Drink some things wrong:

1. To quickly

you are just Jogging a long distance and have such a thirst right? Careful now-Empty not to fast a whole bottle of water down.

taken in fast water, diluted the saliva on clamp way and in large quantities. Saliva is an important Element of digestion, as it helps to stimulate the juices in the stomach. The consumed water does not contain enough saliva, then the body will not be able to digest it and to record properly.

in Addition, water dissolves at a rapid Drink too fast and you have to then move on to the toilet. The body has no time to save the water and the important nutrients, which are to supply the various organs.

in Addition, do not Drink more than three liters a day. An unusually high amount of water is supplied to the body, it can dilute the sodium content of the body and lead to swelling of the cells, which can be life-threatening.

2. Drink

If you are always stressed out, and you only succeed in Standing or walking to consume water, which can have fatal consequences. Because this Position is automatically drunk faster. And as already mentioned, this has a negative impact on our digestion and overall health.

in Addition, the muscles and the nervous system are not so relaxed as when Sitting. This can make for a kink in the digestive process. So the water can not be absorbed the right way, and it is joint and inflammation problems can arise.

3. Thirst, with Hunger to be confused

Growls of the stomach, grab the most food. Behind the Grumbling can hide but also a different Demand of the body: thirst! You should drink before the meal a glass of water. A plus point is that Is taken before eating liquid can restrain the appetite.

4. Only drink if you bottle thirst

One of the biggest mistakes that one makes while Drinking: You turn to the water when the throat is already parched. Because you feel thirsty, then it is actually already too late, and the body lacks in fluids. He then runs to the back burner, and there could be the risk of dehydration. Get in the habit, therefore, to drink at regular intervals, even if you experience actually does not thirsty.

5. To the alcohol, no water to drink

treat yourself to a few glasses of wine. But in addition to the alcohol should go not forget to drink water. Because alcohol deprives the body of liquid, which should be immediately replenished. The consequences can be dry skin and headaches. Who wants to have the next day, no stinging skull, the drink between glasses of alcohol a good boy a Portion of water.

6. Ice-cold water to drink

in summer it Is hot out, it can be pleasant to enjoy an ice cold glass of water. But that’s exactly what you should not do – at any time of the year. It is recommended to consume water at room temperature. Because the Drinking of cold water reduces the size of the vessels, the blood and interferes with the digestive process. It can also ensure that unwanted fat on the body, as cold temperatures solidify the fat in the food you eat, and transparent.

A cold fluid intake can pain in addition to neck and joint, as well as a slower heart rate worry. Because of the low temperatures, the important vagus nerve is stimulated. He is part of the nervous system and helps to keep the heart rate of the body normal.

7. Access to the Stand is not equal to water to drink

When you get Up to the water, can give you many health benefits. While many take to the morning Routine of fluids, it would be good if this happens at the very beginning. Even before brushing your teeth. Because in the morning when you Wake up the mouth is full of saliva, can support the digestive process. With a glass of water, this is transported into the stomach, where it ensures a healthy digestive system, and throughout the day.

This is what happens when you drink in the morning drink a glass of water

immediately after Waking up on an empty stomach a glass of water? Tastes not as good as the beloved coffee, but it has some healthy effects.