Yes, the program is somewhat Ogata. But still the main events remain the international pop song performers contest and the international children music contest. One of the brightest pages of the music forum will be the Day of the Union state.

On the stage of the Summer amphitheatre will host seven of the biggest events of the festival. At the Grand opening July 16, will perform Philip Kirkorov, Elena Vaenga, ensembles “Syabry” and “Pesnyary”, Tim Belarus, Nikolai Gnatyuk… on the same day will be raised the flag of the festival and laid a memorial sign of the winner of special award of President of Belarus “Through art to peace and mutual understanding”.

the Day of the Union state concert orchestra “Phonograph-Sympho-jazz” under the direction of Sergey Zhilin is scheduled for July 17. According to the Director of “Slavonic Bazaar” Gleb Lapitsky, viewers will find a most interesting program is the “Live music movies”:

– the Belarusian and Russian singers, actors of theatre and cinema will perform the best kinoshlyagery different years that connect our peoples, which grew more than one generation.

In the International competition of young performers of pop song “Vitebsk-2020” will be the ambassadors of 18 countries. He starts, by the way, July 18. On the first day the participants will be evaluated by the jury headed by people’s artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov will perform worldwide hit, accompanied by show-ballet Todes.

In the second part of the concert in the Summer amphitheatre will feature German singer-songwriter Thomas Anders. On the second day the contestants will perform Slavic hit, accompanied by the Presidential orchestra of Belarus. This will take place during the closing ceremony of the festival, where will be held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the contest. One of the leading the closing ceremony, by the way, will be the famous Russian singer Lolita.

the international children music contest “Vitebsk-2020” will be held July 18-19 at the new unique platform, which was specially built near the concert hall “Vitebsk”. Here for the victory will fight the representatives of 21 countries. The Chairman of the jury – honored artist of Belarus Alexander Solodukha.

in the Summer amphitheatre will host the project “Golden hit”, “Shanson TV – all of the stars”, as well as the previously announced collecting rock concert. It was originally planned that the rockers will be a kind of prologue to the festival. Now, says Gleb Lapitsky, agreed that their performance on the night from 19 to 20 July will be the final chord of the “Slavic Bazaar”

– To minimize epidemic risks the festival program this year will take place on large open areas. For example, teams that played in the chamber atmosphere of the theatres, will join Festo street art “On seven winds”. They, as well as artists, performers, musicians, dancers and poets will create an unforgettable the atmosphere on the streets of the festival city, on Pushkin square. Puppet shows this time will play in Philharmonic court. Youth day will take place in the familiar scenery of the Victory square. But there will be fundamentally new locations – for example, country Park Mazurino. There will be a big festival of sound and a family holiday Color Fest.

the Board of Directors declare that when returning tickets for a project with a new date is willing to reimburse the full cost of the ticket. However, for genuine fans of the “Slavic Bazaar” prepared a profitable campaign. In case of replacement of the purchased tickets to the canceled event discount of 11 percent on the receipts of the new program. Tickets can be exchanged at the ticket office of culture Centre “Vitebsk”. For residents of other cities of Belarus, this service is available in the official box office operators and Will have her Baltic partners of the festival and And another important point. Tickets for the amphitheatre and the concert hall “Vitebsk” guests of “Slavianski Bazaar” from abroad will replace the entry visa to Belarus for the period from 6 to 25 July.

With the program of “Slavianski Bazaar” can be found on the websites and In Belarus to receive the comments of the staff of the Directorate, by calling the short phone number 129. The Russians can clarify interesting moments in the official communities of the festival in social networks.