the Actor Mikhail Efremov, who was responsible for a deadly traffic accident in Central Moscow, is experiencing financial difficulties. For this reason, he put up for sale a house in Latvia, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

it is Noted that we are talking about one of the two mansions near Jurmala, which the artist intends to sell over 50 million rubles. At present, the cottages looked after by their former owners, who receive from the artist the money for the farming plots.

part of the proceeds will be spent on compensation for the family of the deceased in the accident of Sergey Zakharov. The remaining amount will be living the wife and children of the actor, if he goes to jail.

All the property of Ephraim is estimated at 500 million rubles, the newspaper notes.

Earlier the lawyer Efremova Elman Pashayev said that the actor was still in shock after the accident. He sleeps poorly and lost six pounds. According to him, the actor promised that he will never drink alcohol and get behind the wheel.

on the Evening of 8 June Efremov staged accident in Central Moscow. His car went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van whose driver, Sergey Zakharov, died in the hospital due to blood loss. The artist himself was not injured, he was sent under house arrest until August 9.