Third wife of Edward Uspensky, Eleonora Filina, supported his daughter and also said about the tyranny of the family of the writer. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

As he wrote, “the Rambler,” before the daughter of the assumption Tatiana opposed the appropriation of his name literary award. In an open letter she called father cruel, and said that he committed domestic violence.

“The fact that Eduard Nikolayevich was a tyrant in his family life not news. This award was established by the state library. When Tatiana found out, she wanted to write a letter of protest and to Express their attitude to this situation. She knows that the assumption bullied not only on her but also on my children,” said the third wife of the writer Eleonora Filina.

She expressed the view that the initiator of the award bore the name of the assumption, was the second and the last wife of the writer Elena Uspenskaya. In this case, the Owl said that assumption is never recognized, which also was a witness to tyranny.

“It is not profitable. All the inheritance of the assumption – all real and personal property went to her. To perpetuate his memory – it was her duty, especially when she received from her husband a few country houses, apartments in the center of Moscow, several apartments in Anapa and copyrights. He left his widow millions of state. And not in rubles and in dollars,” said the Owl, explaining that the remaining relative of the writer was not mentioned in the will.