an Elderly tumeke had to undergo in succession two complex operations: after a gastrectomy of the stomach (that is, completely removed it, connecting the remaining ends of the esophagus and the duodenum), she started having breathing problems, the cause of which, as found by the doctors, was the tumor in the bronchus.

the 60-year-old patient went to the hospital with gastrointestinal bleeding. She was operated on, but during the recovery period she suddenly started to choke. The woman was sent to OKB №1, where she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the left main bronchus.

“because of the progression of the disease required repeat intervention. Wait for full recovery after the previous operation was impossible: Oncology is always very dangerous,” says Tamara sargina, a spokesman for the hospital.

Doctors used multidiscilinary approach. Thoracic surgeons performed a resection of the left main bronchus and removed the upper part of the lung with metastases. Surgeons conducted a resection of the pulmonary artery with anastomosis “end to end” (if such techniques make a direct connection of the ends of hollow organs, intestines or blood vessels).

it was All done in one anesthesia, in addition the doctors were able to save the lower part of the left lung of the patient.