In this day Vladislav Petrovich with suspected pneumonia admitted to the hospital N 24 the city of Yekaterinburg. In ten days he was in intensive care hospital N 40. The other day he brought home. But today again hospitalized – in the Sverdlovsk regional clinical hospital N 1. Treatment writer took under personal control the Minister of health of Sverdlovsk region Andrei Karlov.

the Head of children’s “Carabela” squadron (created by writer nearly 60 years ago!) Larisa Krapivina has published an open letter to doctors who treated a writer. Today Krapivina said that Vladislav Petrovich was hospitalized because of the terrible bruising on the right leg: “Move it in that regard can not, it causes him extreme pain… I was told privately, in the Department of neurosurgery 40 minutes from the hospital, he took some analysis. Took, probably, not very correct, because there was a spill of blood on the leg”. According to her, now as writer stable. Thousands of readers I wish the Commander of the recovery and return to the bridge of Children’s Literature!