– Now our Center was the first Russian institutions of rest could take children from different regions of the country, – said the Director of “Orlyonok” Alexander Djeus. Check – in is carried out in a single day, and with thermometry and in-depth medical examination. Also had to reduce the number of children in the unit – up to 15 students. The total capacity of the Centre of its design capacity by up to 70 percent.

Organization of the transfer of the boys is reminiscent of the special operation. Children from Moscow and other regions traveled to Krasnodar to separate the cars of the Russian railway, and from there they were taken to the sea on the buses “Eaglet”. Of the Nenets Autonomous district in Krasnodar flew 501 child on three Charter flights. For them, the airport opened a clean zone with a medical examination.

Curious to know the child hungry? The main question for many parents. It turns out that the menu in the camp is not just calculated – balanced with the accuracy of the calories. Five meals a day: first and second Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Only on the territory of the six cafeterias.

– we Have a “galley” we have arranged different entry and exit in the premises, – says the head of the camp “the Storm” Bogdan Kucherenko. Caregiver meeting “crews” of children, each dripping in the palm of your hand liquid soap, all probably washed his hands. Before the order followed the Board of Butlerov – senior boys, under the supervision of which the youngest was studied chivalry, for example, be sure to remove tables with stools for girls. But now, different age groups do not overlap.

the Changes were made and educational programs – field trips, hikes with overnight stays in tents and many discos, alas, was canceled. But most of the master classes moved to fresh air. The benefit of Sunny days abound. Walking through the heated walkways of the camp, and then witness a flurry of activity units. Some boys are playing football, others are distance to the rope Park, and others, insured a comrade, stormed the rock wall.

After several months of self-isolation, – says 17-year-old Anastasia Safonov from Moscow, visited “Orlyonok” for the third time, here I felt an incredible sense of freedom. There are limitations, but to them quickly you get used to the rooms we settled for two or three people. The guys in my unit were very friendly and created a good atmosphere.

And curiously enough, in talking of “eagles” excitedly share the same – interesting meetings, new friends, campfire songs under a guitar. And, of course, sea…

Teachers say that 21 days of changing the child forms habits. Children learn to make decisions, ability to share joy with friends, self-discipline. And beginning to understand the value each second.

Perhaps this is why there is still a strong tradition of farewell OTR��Dov camp. Sometimes there’s even a joke: “When the guys leave, the sea is a bit saltier…”

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