Larisa Guzeeva is working on a show “In the country” (First channel) and posting photos from the set to instagram.

In the pictures it is well visible that all the members of the crew are wearing masks and gloves, in addition to Guzeeva.

Members began to ask the presenter quite reasonable questions about why she does not observe all safety rules.

“why are you wearing a mask?!?”, “Why is everyone wearing masks, aren’t you? We love you and care about you, please wear the mask.”

Since quick response from Guzeeva was not followed, in the microblog turned the whole debate – someone criticized the actress for breaking the rules of quarantine, someone supported.

"Fall and roll": drunk Guzeeva tore performance

Larissa replied in just a few days, and quite cold.

On the picture – the phone. And Yes, without a mask and gloves.

“Hello, is this people? Explain. Without a mask and without gloves, because they work in TV. The TV work, because a trained artist at the Institute. If someone thinks that I am his neighbor or friend he is wrong. Fools and fools the bath still. Personal Messages will not be read. Dear subscribers, hugs and kisses and I wish you happiness,” wrote Guzeeva in the microblog.

Fans upset.

“Really, why are you so rude I wrote? Many of your subscribers are nice to you”.

Most of the followers believes that public figures should set an example to others of obedience to the law, and personal safety to comply better. the

Publish from Larisa Guzeeva (@_larisa_guzeeva_) 26 May 2020 9:48 PDT

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Larissa guzeyeva told how one comment her son stole her desire to smoke and to drink alcohol.

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