In the new album, called “Urban romance”, collected mainly in the early songs of Vladimir Vysotsky: songs and those that are stylized as “hooligan” and “prison”. Among them are such hits as “Hunting from a helicopter”, “Formulation” and “Aimer” (with the refrain: “I don’t care, I really want”) and unfamiliar to the vast majority of listeners: “She said, “do Not like”, “the hitcher”, “The peak, not the worm”.

all in All, the “Urban romance” contains 18 songs (there are the same name, which gave the drive the name). Unlike the first experience of Leps to creativity of Vladimir Vysotsky album “Sail” in 2004 – in the new series “I have the Honor!” – execution is the most authentic. All sung very close to the original, without a band or electric instruments, and accompanied by only one acoustic guitar Timur Vedernikov musician, best known for the group “Grassmeyster” and Studio work with many stars (from Dmitry Haratyan to Eugene Margulis).

– Now, when I am hesitant to perform any songs of Vladimir Semenovich, you choose those that are closest to me personally. Them connect their memories, echoes in my soul, – commented on the guidelines for the track-sheets of the series “I have the Honor!” he Grigory Leps Instagram in anticipation of the previous release “At a distance”, released June 5.

And he added: “I was listening to a recording of Vladimir Vysotsky, was taken, that you can sing without spoiling. For the album “the distance” produced 22 works. Real stories and reflections on life. She is so swift. Sometimes it’s hard, but, of course, and joyful. It is a place of tragedy, and Comedy…”.

More John legend spoke about published July 2 “Urban romance”:

– multi-faceted works of Vladimir Vysotsky, there are works of street thug lyrics he created in the process of becoming an author. Vysotsky did not sit either in prisons or in camps, it was just a gift. He created a huge store of such songs are not even songs, and stories about people and situations. The atmosphere of these works, these urban songs I helped create guitarist Timur Vedernikov. We with Timur working on a whole series of “Honour”, so you can listen to the songs of Vladimir Semenovich in a lovely recording, with well-executed guitar accompaniment and my voice.


work on the project “I have the Honor!” lasted five years. The final album was called “Paradise apples”. Its release is scheduled for July 25.