the project Participants will be able to learn how to avoid mistakes in the implementation of electronic document management and how innovation in the field of law help to transform the traditional business model.

Technology is increasingly changing the global and Russian legal landscape, therefore lawyers need to continually adapt to new conditions. “In the work of lawyers and legal departments is still a lot of routine that you want to automate. Therefore, one of the main tasks of industry experts in the age of digital transformation – not to keep pace with LegalTech. If the lawyer will not be daily to keep abreast of technological progress, it can result in disastrous professional stagnation. Our project will allow the lawyer to become a full-fledged business partner of the company and to consolidate legal skills with new technologies”, – said the Director of the center for legal technologies of Fund “SKOLKOVO” Anton Pronin.

as teachers of the project are the experts from Deloitte Legal, CIS countries, permanent participants of the International conference Skolkovo LegalTech, and leading expert on digital transformation and digitization of the legal industry. To consolidate the acquired knowledge will be using public appearances, discussion clubs and validation tests. Now online Legal, Deloitte CIS can listen to podcasts on topics that more detail will be discussed at LegalTech School.

According to managing partner Deloitte Legal, CIS, Anna Kostyra, educational course will help to determine how to develop the business by using legal techniques and to automate the legal function in small companies and large corporations: “LegalTech School Students, we’ll explain what skills and knowledge should have a modern lawyer and explain the spacecraft to increase the efficiency terms of law and technology not only personal, but also business in General. Interesting training is for IT professionals who want to learn about how to develop the technology for public and private management”.

Despite the fact that the legal profession is extremely conservative, a transformation is inevitable, and make sure the audience LegalTech School, said Director of digital products Deloitte Legal, the CIS Dmitry Bespalov: “We have invited experts who have already passed fire and water digital transformation and, one might say, filled cones, achieved good results and are now ready to share its experience. They already know exactly how to minimize the number of barriers in the process of digitalization of the legal function, can painless to get around them and are ready to train this skill other”.