The CCC Team, Greg van Avermaet finds itself in a difficult financial the coronacrisis. “There is a constant search for solutions to the crisis are to survive,” says the Team on Saturday in our newspaper. “I am under the impression that everyone already has the intention to continue with it. We are waiting for further communication.”

From the Team hoped, therefore, the orange colour of the CCC is to continue to be able to defend it. He’s not going to go to dinner with Patrick Lefevere. “So what can I overzeggen? In the period 2012-2013, and in 2016, it was to get in touch. But every time he thought of a proposal did so, I was at a stage where I feel quite content and felt at the END. So why the change? The financial proposals were, you know, just the time was wrong. As you might imagine. If I have to opensta? Never say never. I am, however, not as often as the end of the contract has been, of course. Really, around the table, there has never been a plan.”

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